Top Holiday Gifts For Pets

A little more than 6 years ago, we rescued a tiny little kitten from our doorstep. We had just finished our Thanksgiving meal and were watching TV when we heard this mewling coming from the front porch. We opened the door and there was this completely black kitten, shivering. She was so tiny, she easily fit into the palm of our hand, so we guessed she was about 4 weeks old. We nursed her to become a healthy and rambunctious kitten who we loved and adored for 5 years. After we lost our sweet Kimmy Kitty when we moved, we were reluctant to get another cat. When a friend told us about 2 sisters who had been abandoned at the age of 5 weeks on Thanksgiving day, the irony did not escape us. Now 3 years later, those two have given us more joy than we could have imaged. Meep and Hazel are never too far from each other and we love to give them treats. I will choose and wrap their gifts as carefully as I will the kids or anyone else. To get some ideas, I wanted to take a loij and see what the top holiday gifts for pets were. This is what I found:

Top Holiday Gifts For Pets


  • Dog bed with memory foam mattress
  • Fetching sticks or toys
  • Plush pet sofa or lounge chair
  • Sensory friendly toys to stimulate the brain
  • Clothing, especially sweaters


  • Multi-level playhouse
  • Ceramic drinking fountain with flowing water
  • Interactive toys
  • Anything with cat nip in or on it
  • Toys for batting and biting

Pet Smart

Top Holiday Gifts For Pets From Pet Smart

I absolutely love the products from Pet Smart and my reasons are as plentiful as there are quality products to choose from at Pet Smart. They are a one-stop-shopping experience for pets and their owners. If I feel like taking Ringo or Elvis for a ride while I pick up a few items for them, they are welcome to come into the store with me. I know whatever I buy from Pet Smart is made exceptionally well, is very affordable and my babies will love it. I can get everything I need for them at Pet Smart including food, toys, bedding, and expert advice from their trained staff. They also offer adoptions, and have help find loving homes for more than 5 million pets since 1994. If you are looking for the top holiday gifts for pets from Pet Smart, you will have a whole lot to choose from!

Top Holiday Gifts For Pets From Pet Smart

We were sent a huge variety of accessories and toys for my boys and my girls. For Ringo and Elvis, we received the cutest Mickey Mouse sweater, squeaky and sensory toys, holiday dress up items and even a stuffed Abominable Snow Monster of the North (a.k.a. The Bumble) from Rudolph. For Hazel and Meep, we received a very cool interactive toy they both love, a door hanging Santa with bells they can jump up and play with and their favorites, the little Christmas mice. As you can see from the pictures, both girls love their mice and they play with them several times a day. I cannot say enough about our favorite pet store and they are always number one in our home! Be sure to stay current with the latest from Pet Smart and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Our little guy would love the Grreat Choice Red Bobo. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  2. For my cats I would get the Grreat Choice® PetHoliday™ Cat Toy Value Pack and I would get Martha Stewart Pets® Snowman Costume for my dog.


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