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Top Reasons For Switching To Reusable Grocery Bags


Making The Switch To Resusable Grocery Bags

You may be unaware of this, but it’s easy to go green!  I hadn’t put much thought into how I could go green until my daughter busted me!  Caitlin had learned about recycling in her science class and the teacher encouraged them to take what they learned home.  Well, my daughter certainly did that!  She told me I was ruining the planet every time I did recycle or use recycled products!  After a lively discussion, we agreed to start out small and go from there.  We decided using reusable grocery bags would be a great place to start.  Here are some great reasons to use reusable grocery bags.

  • When you use and then throw away a plastic bag from the grocery store, you are really hurting our planet (ok, sorry.  I guess Caitlin put me on the soap box!!).  It takes anywhere from 15 to 1,000 years to decompose, which is way too long.
  • Due to its thin design, it is easy for plastic bags to float off to stop up drains, dirty our bodies of water and can wrap around an animal’s neck and cause harm or even death.
  • It actually costs more the recycle plastic bags than it costs to making the plastic bags!  That is really weird isn’t it?
  • Reusable bags are sturdier that a grocery bag and are often made to accommodate a larger amount of goods and they are also strong enough to hold that weight.


How Much Does A Reusable Bag Cost?

If you are trying to go green, it would make sense you are most likely asking how much does a reusable bag cost.  The answer will probably shock you and make you happy all at the same time!  You can purchase a large reusable bag from anywhere to a few dollars up to $15, depending on the size you would like.  When using reusable bags, you may want to also include produce bags for your foods once you get home.  These bags can add to the shelf life of your produce, which is a great plus for my household!  With the produce bags from Flip and Tumble selling at 5 bags for $12, you cannot afford not to have them.  If you have priduce that goes bad often, you can pay much more than you need to in replacing them.  Is you use the produce bags from Flip and Tumble, you will save money instead if spending it.  Let me tell you how incredible the reusable bags from Flip and Tumble are.  I have reviewed a few other reusable bags but the bags from Flip and Tumble are unique, which is a really good thing for their customers.  First of all, the reusable shopping bags ($10 each when you buy three) are able to handle a huge amount of items and they are really well made.   I am a snob about how well things are made and when they are this well-made, I want you all to know about it.  We took one bag to the grocery store and we came home with over $50 in healthy foods.  There were probably 2.5 or 3 regular shopping bags worth of food in the one Flip and Tumble bag.  When you are done with your bag, they fold into themselves and become a little nylon ball that you can pop into your purse for your next shopping trip.  Let me tell you, that is awesome!  Most reusable bags are too big, even when folded to fit a few in your purse.  If case the folks at Flip and Tumble haven’t heard, once the bags fold into their little nylon ball shape, they are really fun to play tag with…just ask my kids!  They were running all over the yard, trying to hit each other with the Flip and Tumble balls and once one of them was hit, they switched.  Too hilarious!!

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