Top Reasons To Switch To Organic Cotton
I recently did some research about the pros and cons of making the switch to organic cotton.  I am not very well versed in those things organic, but I have heard enough that my curiosity was peaked.  I have friends who will not use regular cotton over organic cotton.  I must admit that on a recent visit with an eco-friendly neighbor, I was impressed with the look and feel of the organic cotton towels she had in her kitchen.  There was a big difference in her towels over the towels I have in my own home.  Here are some reasons I found to support making the switch:

Reasons To Switch To Organic Cotton

  • Your Health: When buying regular cotton, you are also buying the possibility that the cotton was sprayed with pesticides.  Although the research is still mixed if you would be in harm’s way by using regular cotton, wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?  Also if you suffer from allergies, buying organic cotton is much better for you than the regular alternative.
  • Fair Trade: When buying local organic cotton, you are helping keep our farmers in business.  By not using pesticides on their cotton, the organic cotton farmer is able to sell you their wares at a lower price.  Also, by buying local, you are supporting your community as opposed to that of one half-way across the world.
  • Texture:  I have done a side by side comparison of a product made from regular cotton as well as that from organic cotton.  The difference is like night and day.  I was greatly surprised at how soft and luxurious the organic cotton felt versus the regular cotton.
  • Quality:  In my comparison, I also found the quality of organic cotton is much better than that of regular cotton.  One surprise I had was when I looked closely at the regular cotton product and I could actually see the weave and how inferior it was to the organic cotton.  No wonder the organic product will last so much longer than the regular cotton.  There is one company that has made it their mission to only bring the highest of quality eco-friendly products to you and that would be Green Roost.  In seeing some of the products from Green Roost, it is no surprise that they went from a small 250 square foot space to their current space, which measures more than 10 times that humble amount!

Eco-Friendly Product For Your Home

When I was searching for eco-friendly products for your home, I was drawn to Green Roost and the huge variety of products they offer.  I also love the look heir store front which gives me the feel of an intimate general store from days gone past.  With a goal in mind of offering planet friendly products that are both well-made and unique, Green Roost has certainly put themselves on the map.  I was happy to review a set of their gorgeous and luxurious organic cotton towels made by Yala.  I have never felt anything as deliciously soft and absorbent in my life!  My husband was quite dubious when I told him the organic cotton towels would be much more absorbent than those we had made from regular cotton.  It was really finny to see the look on his face when he wrapped the big and thirsty towel around himself.  I can tell you that my family is 1,000% sold on the product from Green Roost and am certain you will once you make a purchase yourself.