Throughout the year, no matter how carefully you clean and maintain your property, you’ll likely need some repairs completed. You may also want to do some renovation work in the home or have new appliances installed. C:\Users\Kellie\Downloads\building-1080596_640.jpg

When those days come, it’s vital to get help from the right contractors. Read on for some tips for choosing the right tradesperson to be involved in your property. 

Get Clear on What You Need

Making a good decision about a contractor is affected by how well you understand what you’re looking for. Get clear on your goals for the work. What is it, exactly, you want to achieve once the project is complete? You should know why you need to hire a tradesperson, what elements of the job each person must complete (when it’s a bigger project you need multiple workers for), and the skills and experience the chosen party must possess. 

When setting goals, factor in timelines. Have a precise completion date in mind so that as you chat with your top candidates, you can ask them about availability. There’s no point choosing someone who won’t be able to get the work done in time for your needs, after all. Plus, it’s best to avoid hiring someone who will have to rush to get things completed by your due date, or who will be juggling too many projects to provide the level of care and detail you require. 

Look for Qualified, Licensed, Experienced People

One of the critical things to consider when evaluating tradespeople is who has the necessary qualifications, licenses, and specialized experience needed to do the job not just well, but also safely and to code. Ask each candidate to show evidence of their licenses, permits, or related paperwork, plus details of the education and training they’ve completed. 

Make sure this fits with what you need. For example, a painter who has spent most of their career working on contemporary homes may not be the best fit for a project that involves painting detailed architecture and interior design on a historic property. 

Choose someone with years of experience, too. Just because someone has all the necessary qualifications and licenses for a project, this doesn’t mean they have completed the work you require enough times to be proficient at it, or quick. You can do a general Google search online for potential tradespeople in your area. Still, it’s better to go straight to websites such as the popular Candu Home service finder that collates an array of contractors in one place. Also, talk to family and friends for suggestions of people they’ve used whose work and manner impressed them. 

Compare Prices and Paperwork Closely

Once you’ve narrowed down options to two or three people, give yourself enough time to compare prices and terms and conditions carefully. You no doubt have a set budget to spend on the work, so hire someone whose rates fit within your spending limit. Always ask each person to provide a detailed quote. 

Different tradespeople have different fee structures and ways of doing things, so read all the information carefully to compare “apples with apples.” Look out for potential hidden costs, such as extra charges to work on weekends, complete jobs within a set timeframe, accept certain payment types, or source materials, etc. Ask as many questions as it takes to get the information you require to make an informed decision. 

Also, sign a contract with the tradesperson you hire if they’re doing a large job. Even if not, ask about any specific terms and conditions you need to know. Sometimes contractors seem like a wise choice until you check out the fine print and see a red flag, such as their not offering warranty on their work or allowing themselves as much time as they’d like to finish a job. 

Choose Someone Easy to Work With

Something else to consider is how easy to deal with a tradesperson is likely to be once they’re at your home. Select someone who is an excellent communicator, so you’re not continually left in the dark about what’s happening, when they’ll arrive each day, and work completion times. checklist-1919292_640

Also, try to find someone who is a problem solver. This way, if things go wrong at any stage during the project, you can trust that the contractor will look for solutions rather than throwing their hands up in the air and leaving you to try to deal with difficulties. 

Getting renovation work and home maintenance and repairs done each year can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. It’s therefore vital to find the best tradesperson for your needs every time. The steps above should make this process simpler.