I know this may sound silly, but I think I need some makeup advice! My grandmother taught me how to put on makeup way back in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s, I had a friend’s mom give me a video that taught you how to apply makeup. I took a hint that I apparently did not know what I was doing in that area. I guess I got the hang of it by the 1990’s because no one gave me another video or offered up lessons. When my oldest daughter was here for Christmas, she got her younger sister a makeup kit. Since Caitlin is almost 15, her dad and I decided it was ok if she wore a little bit of makeup. When I told Chelsea I would teach her how to put it on, she jumped up and said, “No Mom, I will do it. Really. You just relax.” Okie dokie. She might as well have given me a stupid video, (well, DVD, I guess). I decided I could take a hint and did some research on how to get flawless makeup. If any of you know anyone like me that is cosmetically challenged, please tell them to read this!

Top Tips On How To Get Flawless Makeup

  • Primer: After you have cleaned your skin and moisturized, apply a primer. Be careful not to use too much as it can actually make fine lines and wrinkles more pronounced.
  • Foundation: Many women are not wearing the correct color foundation nor are they using the right kind. If you see women who look “sweaty” or flat, like plaster, they are using a foundation that was probably advertised as “luminous” or “matte”. For the color, visit a store that sells cosmetics and ask for help. Make sure they match the color to your chest or neck area as those are the closest to your face. Apply 6 dime size dots: 2 on the forehead, one each on the nose, each cheek and chin.
  • Concealer: Apply your concealer to the areas with skin imperfections AFTER you have applied your foundation. Yellow based products will cover redness and should be applied with the fingers. After applying, gently smooth with a damp sponge.
  • Powder: Using the proper brush, gently apply loose powder to the areas that tend to get shiny (forehead, chin and nose).’
  • Eye Shadow: Dab a tiny amount of foundation on your eyelids to keep your shadow on all day. Apply a neutral color, which is your base, to the lid only, which should be the lightest color. Apply a slightly darker color to the crease only. No straying! If you use 3 colors, apply the base to the entire eye, the next darkest to the crease and the darkest to the lid.
  • Brushes: You cannot apply your makeup correctly if you do not have the right brushes. The brushes I use are those from Brushlove because they are leaders in the industry for their high quality cosmetic and hair brushes.

How To Get Flawless Makeup

How To Get Flawless Makeup

I have not had really nice cosmetic brushes for a few years now and I needed new ones. When I saw the brushes from Brushlove, I was in love! I could not wait to try them. The team behind Brushlove is dedicated to supplying the finest products to their customers. They also pride themselves on their stellar customer service that keeps customers loyal (and the products, of course!).

I was sent the VOA Brushlove Foundation, Eye Shadow and Blush brushes as well as the Powder Buffer. These brushes are made from synthetic fibers that are ultra soft and the handles are ergonomically correct. The brushes are developed and designed by makeup artists and professionals, so you know you are in good hands. The brushes feel really good in your hands and they are perfect for my needs. The bristles are not coarse like some brushes can be. The bristles are nice and soft and make application very easy. Because they are so well made, they will last you a long time and with their affordable price, you cannot beat them! You can purchase these brushes from Brushlove’s online storefront. The brushes retail for $14.98, $11.98, $17.98 and $18.98, respectively.