Toys For Gamers

When I got married, I knew my husband was a huge sports fanatic and I would lose him to the big games, playoffs and college bowls when they were on TV. After 16 years of marriage, I have gotten used to his dominating the remote and his yelling and screaming at the TV. What I was not prepared for, but should have figured on, was my son following in his dad’s footsteps. No, he is not a sports fanatic, but a gamer, which is just as obsessive and time sucking as football, baseball, hockey or golf. I am so darn tired of buying my son a ton of games every birthday and holiday, so I was hoping to find some toys he would find just as interesting. Thank goodness K’NEX has a huge line of building toys, many of which are seemingly made for the gamer on your list! We were sent a handful of building sets from K’NEX and Henry and Caitlin both have been engrossed with them since they arrived.

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One of Henry’s favorite games to play is Plants Vs. Zombies and guess what?! Yes! K’NEX has several of the PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES™ building toys. We received the Football Mech Building Set, and Henry is really enjoying it! The set, which sells, for just $17, is all about defeating the zombies and saving your brains. The Football Mech is from the Far Future level, which meant nothing to me, but Henry knew exactly what it meant! The set has a zombie figure and a Football Mech that is motorized and walks. You can find the set, as well as 9 others on, and

Another favorite game Henry loves to play is anything to do with Mario, Super Mario, or his brother, Luigi. How cool that K’NEX also has Super Mario toys for gamers. We received the Cat Mario Building Set, which sells for $35, and can be purchased from, and This set is among a large variety of the K’NEX Super Mario™ building sets, which total more than 20 in all. In this game, Cat Mario goes toe to toe with a very pesky Mouse! This set featuring a new favorite for Henry, the K’NEX’s jump disk and launcher. This cool feature allows Mario to run and jump, just like in Henry’s game. The kids will have hours of fun as they build the Cat Mario, all the while watching out for that Mouse who can smash you in the wink of an eye. For more epic battles, you can add this set to the rest of the K’NEX Super Mario™ building set line.


For Caitlin, who is not as much of a gamer, but still loves to build, we have the 52 model Building Set. The only thing this set is limited by is your child’s imagination. This humongous set includes instructions and ideas for 52 unique models, which equate to one model for each week of the year. With more than 600 K’NEX rods and connectors, you can build anything from cars, trains, planes and even animals! I love the handy plastic storage tub and with a retail price of just $35, your child will have years of fun ahead of them. This is my favorite of the group, so I chose this set for one USA reader to win. Be sure to follow K’NEX on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.