TrapWrap collageI’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life, so even though I’m really used to cold weather, there are still times I spend outside that I could use a little extra warmth. That’s when the TrapWrap has become such a blessing!  The TrapWrap is like a portable heating pad that fits neatly around your neck and under the back of your shirt and comes without a cord to plug in!  Now, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not the type of heating pad that you put in your microwave that cools down after about 15 minutes. The TrapWrap has a small, rechargeable battery pack that slides right into the back of the neck portion of the warmer. I used my TrapWrap several times. The first time, I had to shovel the dreaded snow, and I was surprised at how much warmer it kept me than normal!  It wasn’t bulky and was quite comfortable, and worked much better than a scarf would. I also have severe arthritis in my neck and suffer from horrible neck pain (especially when at my computer) as well as bad headaches and occasional migraines. I have other heating pads, but they’re either hard to place around my neck or the cord becomes a real hassle. I don’t have any of those problems with the TrapWrap.  While it was created primarily for use in outdoor weather, I actually think my main use of the TrapWrap will be for my neck pain and headaches.  However,  if you’re the parent of a child that plays in winter sports, this just might be the thing that gets you through the winter and sitting out at those cold games! Priced at $109.95 plus tax and shipping, the price point is higher than most traditional heating pads, but I really believe that the cost is really worth it. Whether you’re spending a day on the slopes or are simply sitting at your desk and need heat for pain relief, this is truely the heating pad that can go anywhere you need it to and stay hot the entire time!


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