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Travel In Style With An iPad Mini Keyboard Folio Case From Logitech

Techies everywhere rejoiced when they bulky desktop was replaced with the portable laptop. Even laptops have changed a lot over the past few years as they have become sleeker and easier to carry. It seems you cannot go into a coffee shop anywhere across the country and not see a sprinkling of people sipping a latte and surfing the net on their laptop. It was of course a logical leap to take in the tech world to try and make even the laptop seem clunky and cumbersome. Since Apple came out with their revolutionary iPad, many people have ditched their laptops and jumped onto the tablet bandwagon. I must admit, with all the traveling I do and with the headaches of airport security, taking a tablet is a dream come true. I love being able to tuck my iPad mini into my bag and pulling it out easily when I want to work on the plane. It seems I was just getting used to typing on the iPad’s touch screen when the keyboard case appeared on the scene. Now I can travel in style with my keyboard folio from Logitech.

Travel In Style With An iPad Mini Keyboard Folio Case

I consider myself a fashion forward woman, so I am all for having tech accessories that are good looking. When I travel on business, I meet with a lot of people and I want to make a good impression. I love knowing I can travel in style with an iPad mini keyboard folio case from Logitech. Logitech has long been the go to company for all of your computer related needs. The company is always developing products that are not only on the cutting edge but are fashionable as well.

With the folio case for my iPad mini, I have my tablet in a total hands free position. The built in Bluetooth keyboard is durable and lightweight and it keeps my iPad protected, both on the front and the back when I am not using it. Not only is the traditional keyboard easy to use, but you can use it for up to 3 months before you need to recharge it. The tablet wakes up when the case is open and it goes to sleep when it is closed. Convenient magnets will keep your tablet securely closed, protecting it from damage. The keyboard comes in 4 colors and can be purchased from the Logitech website for $89.99 for the mini and $99.99 for the full size iPad as well as Best Buy and other fine retail stores.


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