To complete a successful journey and to study abroad, the students have to know a few general rules and to stick to them. The most necessary thing in travel is common sense.

Before you depart:

  • Take a medical check up. You’ve better also have your teeth examined and repaired, obviously you don’t want them to spoil the journey. You may need some special immunization – remember to plan in advance, as it requires time. Make sure your insurance covers international benefits. Provide emergency contact information on your personal things and baggage. If your wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, take an extra pair with you. Consider buying sunscreen and insecticide. Prepare first aid kit.
  • Learn basic, most necessary phrases in local language – do not risk hoping that all locals will know English.
  • Provide your family or friends with your travel details and keep in touch with them during the journey.
  • Learn basics of self-defense, at least, from video lessons. It is a good idea to buy simplest defense tools, like a personal alarm.

What to wear:

  • First of all, your footwear should be comfortable and suitable for possibly wider range of weather conditions.
  • Dress more comfortable and less fashionable. Your clothes shouldn’t draw attention and show that you’re a tourist.
  • As well, it’s not the greatest idea to wear jewelry, unless you don’t want to make the acquaintance with some thief and have a cool story to tell afterward.
  • Buy a money belt and carry your cash, credit cards, tickets, passport, driver’s license in it. Though it is not too stylish, you may save yourself from troubles in this way.

Use technology wisely: Though the technology often makes the traveling more comfortable and safe, more intense, and the contacting and meeting friendly people in other lands easier, it also can do harm.

  • You’ve better not post your tickets’ pictures on Instagram and Facebook. It will be easy to track you down. But if you are going to study abroad you can try and get in contact on Facebook, Twitter etc with graduates from your future college, to have a friendly conversation and get prepared
  • Keep aware of the situation. Don’t get too distracted by your devices. You have a chance to prevent or escape from a dangerous situation only if you notice it in time. If you walk on the street and text on your cellphone, you won’t be aware of the situation around you, the same is with headphones. The statistics show that a number of people under 30 accidentally hit by cars while wearing the headphones increased. And what to say about intended crimes! So if you are walking alone and listening to the music push the volume to the minimum and watch attentively. Also, avoid staring on the screen while navigating with the help of Google maps without paying attention to the surroundings.

Eating, Drinking, Sleeping:

  • Explore the local food but not too intensively. It may appear too heavy for your digestion, at the best.
  • Buy only fresh food, demand it to be freshly prepared for you and hot.
  • It is obviously that you should know your measure in foods and, especially, alcohol.
  • Eat well before having a drink.
  • At the party, carry your drink around with you, to avoid it being spiked with drugs.
  • Legal drinking age may vary depending on your country. Remember that you are responsible for your health and safety.
  • While you’re sleeping, you are vulnerable. Be very careful sleeping in the bus. At the hotel, remember to lock the doors, and use the wedge. We don’t recommend using eye mask and earplugs unless you are sleeping in the dorms of your campus.

Studying abroad: Studying abroad is a great experience, especially if you follow personal safety tips. So, there are basic principles how to stay safe in college abroad.

  • Get a local phone number and have your phone charged with you anywhere and always.
  • Even more carefully study the norms of social behavior and follow them.
  • Pay even more attention to clothes, learn what is acceptable for everyday wearing where you are going.
  • Don’t walk alone in unfamiliar areas, especially at night, if you need to take cash at the terminal, and surely, not in the night clubs. Don’t go alone in the laundry room in an apartment building.
  • Read news, be aware of the political situation and important events in the country where you study and in your homeland.
  • Make use of new student orientation events to learn more about the surroundings, campus services, local culture and make friends.
  • It might be useful to purchase college room safes that keep belongings safe at the dorms.
  • Avoid stress.
  • If could be useful to get help with your study and get college papers.

Behave!: Be attentive and do not trust people at once.

  • Girls would benefit from wearing modest dressing and being always in group. Be especially modest with local men.
  • Boys are better to be very careful, not to lose temper and not to get in quarrels with locals, even if they are not quite right. Remember, they probably have more friends in the city than you do.

Learn about local laws and socially acceptable conduct. It wouldn’t be very funny if you get arrested.

Don’t be shy, ask for help.