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I am an avid traveler and do so virtually every month. My family shares my passion for traveling and we all travel together whenever possible. We love to be together, see new places and make new memories. I am also an avid photographer, so when we go on a trip, I take a ton of pictures. I know we will always have the memories of our trips with us, but who does not love to stroll down memory lane via photographs? It is a lot of fun when you cuddle up on the sofa, maybe with a bowl of popcorn and flip through years worth of pictures. It is almost like you are taking some of your trips all over again when you can enjoy the pictures. Do you ever have people say that they wish they could have gone on your trip with you? Maybe you have that coworker that continues to beg you to allow her to sneak into your suitcase so she can come along! Well, Marriott has an exciting new online application that can do the next best thing. Their new program, Tripographer, you can make a digital tour and travel with family and friends virtually!


Travel With Family And Friends Virtually

Who better to tell all the details of your trip than yourself? No one can relate the beauty you saw, the quirky shops you visited and the colorful people you met. How much better would it be if you could literally take your friends and family into those shops, to those locations or to see those characters you met along the way? With Tripographer, you can upload and edit images, create slide shows and take your buddies on a virtual street tour of the places you have been. While your thoughts are fresh in your mind, you can narrate them on the spot and record them on your Tripographer. You can edit with whatever software you choose and share your street tour on your favorite social media platform! How fun is that? If you have a trip coming up soon and you would like to share it with those you love, you can do so with the Tripographer. Heck, even if you do not have a big trip planned, why not get a way for the weekend? What a great excuse to get away for a few days and play around with this newly addictive program from the iconic Marriott.

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  1. What a fun app! What I would’t have given to have it back when we were traveling through Germany! Now that is a place I wish I could take my friends and family members!

  2. I have so many friends and family who want to follow along when I travel. This app sounds perfect for sharing my experiences with them. I’ll definitely have to check it out!

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