Treat Your Feet

I wear flip flops almost all year round, so I need products that treat your feet.  I don’t know if it is just me, but my heels get really dry all year round.  It doesn’t seem to matter if it is hot or cold weather because they get painfully dry and cracked.  (I’m sorry..TMI, right?).  I have another confession to make.  I have never had a pedicure!  My feet are really sensitive and I am super ticklish, so I can’t stand to have anyone touch my feet!  I am so ticklish; it is almost painful for me, so I need to do my own foot care at home.

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to a great online company I found; McIncShop. McShopInc has got some really neat products that make your life easier and better.  You can find products that make toting a baby carrier easier to tailgate towels for the big game.  I respect the goal of this brother-sister team to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Over 60% of their products are made domestically and they distribute to retailers, online stores and more throughout the world.  Most of the ideas for their products come from within the ranks but they also use concepts from other companies and inventors.

A Spa in Your Home

If you aren’t able to visit the spa a few times a month, you can make a spa in your home!  I had a hard time deciding what to review from this cool company, so Susan recommended the Soapy Soles Elite foot care system (on sale now for $15.95).  This system is all you need to pamper your tootsies in your own tub.  This 3-in-1 system scrubs, massages and treats your feet with three different inserts (retailed at $9.95).  The center of the Soapy Soles is removable and can be switched for a pumice stone, hard soap or liquid soap.  You can soften your feet with the pumice stone, wash them with the hard soap and massage them with the liquid soap.  This 3-in-1 system soothes your little piggy’s after a long work day, a hike in the woods or a day at the beach.  Another great use of the Soapy soles is to soften up your feet after a day of slip flop wearing!!

McIncShop is offering one winner a Soapy Soles Elite system with inserts, with combined retail price of $15.95

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