Treating Back Pain At Home I have suffered from lower back pain for several years now. If you also have this troublesome issue, you know how debilitating it can be. When I was in nursing school, I was working on the joint replacement floor in a local hospital. While I was helping a patient to the restroom after surgery, they lost their footing and fell to the floor, pulling me down with them. Since that injury 4 years ago, I have taken countless pain medications, had numerous injections and blocks, been pulled and adjusted and endured many other treatments. Some of the treatments were effective for a short time while others did nothing. What I finally found were the things I was doing for treating back pain at home was working just as well, if not better. Here are just a few of the things I have done which helped:

6 Ways To Treat Back Pain At Home Pin

6 Ways To Treat Back Pain At Home

  1. Keep Moving: As tempting as it is to stay in bed until the pain passes, research has shown this is not good for you. The body is meant to move and after the first few days of the injury or onset of pain, you need to get up and move around. When I worked in the hospital, this was the number one thing the doctors insisted on.
  2. Heat In Moderation: Your doctor will probably tell you to apply ice to your back for the first 24-48 hours, and after that, to apply heat. If you apply heat with a heating pad, a hot bath or other process, you can relax and loosen up your muscles. Remember the “20 on and 20 off” rule so you do not burn yourself.
  3. Get A Massage: Hopefully you have someone who can give your muscles a nice rubdown while you relax. If not, many a masseuse will make house calls for a reasonable rate. A good massage can loosen up those tight muscles which will lessen the pain and spams you may be experiencing.
  4. Take Two Aspirin: After I told my doctor I felt my prescription pain meds were not doing anything for my pain, he said to try taking just two OTC pain relievers. Because I have stomach issues, I take Ibuprofen, but check with your doctor as to which pain reliever would work best for you.
  5. Strengthening: Once your injury has abated enough to allow exercise, you should ask your doctor or therapist to recommend some strengthening exercises. Any exercises which will strengthen your core are great for your back. Think of your core like the trunk of a tree and when you keep the trunk muscles strong, the tree will stand tall!
  6. Stretching: One of the best things I found to relieve my pain was to stretch my back. Not only does this stretch those sore muscles, but when done correctly, it can align the spine as well. One product which I found worked best for me in stretching my spine was the SpineDok™. This all natural and holistic treatment takes just 5 minutes a day for you to feel relief from back pain.


I will admit, when I first heard about the SpineDok™, I was very skeptical. I had already been through so many treatments, I was not sure anything this simple could actually work. Imagine my surprise when after less than 4 days of using the SpineDok™, I noticed a remarkable difference in not just the amount of pain in my back but my overall health. It is crazy that when you live with back pain for so long, it becomes part of you. I think it took me a day or two before it even struck me I was not in as much pain as I have been in the past. Another thing I noticed was my posture was much better and I was breathing better. I have been hunched over and had a stiff neck for probably 30 years, so I have also suffered from chronic headaches. I also noticed less of those after using the SpineDok™.

So what the heck is this SpineDok™ I speak of you ask? It is an innovative and cleverly designed system that naturally and gently stretches and aligns your entire back, loosens tight muscles in your neck and shoulders and helps you develop better posture. I received the basic system, which sells for $50 on the SpineDok™ website. The SpineDok™ basic system includes the curved plastic base, 3 risers for added height and stretching, attachable gel pack, an inflatable pillow and an instructional DVD. Once you lay on the SpineDok™, you instantly feel your spine and your diaphragm open up, muscles loosen and stress just melting away. After just 5 minutes, twice a day, you will see a huge difference in your level of back pain. Once you get accustomed to the SpineDok™, you can add a series of exercises to further its benefits. Instead of trying to explain it, here is a video to show you how it works: I cannot say enough great things about the SpineDok™ and I hope by spreading the word, people who suffer from chronic back pain can find the same relief I have found. Never will I even endure another steroid injection which made the kids call me “Scary Mommy” because it makes me so mean. Never will I miss a school or family function due to back pain or immobility again. I feel as if I have gotten a new lease on life and I could not be more grateful! You can purchase other systems as well as a carrying case, which can all be found at the SpineDok™ store. One USA reader will win a SpineDok™ ARV $50.

Do you suffer from back pain and if so, what do you find helpful in relieving your pain?


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