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Do You Use True Twit Validation On Twitter? It Is Spam, Spam, Spam

True Twit Validation is, as described by itself:

Twitter spam is a drag. What if you could know for sure that your followers are truly human, and not some cyborg? TrueTwit is designed to help you:

  • Verify people from robots–(I use robots to autofollow everyone back who follows me)
  • Avoid Twitter spam–(True Twit spams me EVERY DAY asking me to prove I am not a robot)
  • Save time managing your followers–(Do you want followers from twitter hops & giveaways or not?)

That is HILARIOUS! I have never received more SPAM from one single entity than what I received with True Twit. Maybe you don’t know you have it? CHECK !! If you want me and many others in the blog world to follow you, this will need to be turned off. Here is my logic behind why.

  • I am busy with my life, my kids, my blog, and my “real job”. I don not have time to verify 30, or even 2 times a day that I am a human. Trust me, I am human.
  • If you are joining a blog hop to get twitter followers, I guarantee you will not get NEARLY as many as you would if you did not require people to jump through hoops to be your follower.
  • I do not even read True Twit mail and will never follow a True Twit user. Guess what? Neither will 75% of everyone else. Which is fine if you want to keep your following small; but if you are a blogger and want gobs of people listening to your every word, then it is kind of counter productive don’t ya think?

Here is the kicker: True Twit gets you to sign up to their service so you will not receive their SPAM anymore more by proving you are a human and installing True Twit on your account. This will make it so you never have to verify and can follow anyone.  Maybe you have done this, BUT NOW…YOU ARE A SPAMMER, and no you will follow YOU.

Please, do yourself and everyone who want to follow you a favor, turn off True Twit


  1. Wow, thank you for enlightening us. I never knew about this until someone told me about it on Twitter. Going to get rid of it now. Again thanks for this post!!

    • My last tweet:

      Me:HUMAN Reported by @gotruetwit ROBOT after I went to sleep. Acc suspended 8 hours. READ @DrJeffersnBoggs http://bit.ly/PCLI3n

      I received my first True Twit validation requests in my inbox and a few minutes later the account was suspended. It didn’t take a genius to work out that: The account was 8 hours old with 400+ followers and True Twit has decided no human could get something going that quickly. Well: You are wrong. This human can.

      Follow me, I follow back ~ @AlexHorderMusic

  2. THANK YOU!!! i sooo agree i get sooooo many emails/msgs from trutwit so i 100% agree with this post! 😀 Thanks!

  3. I follow alot of people on twitter. I get alot of emails that say so and so uses true twit validation. I never knew exactly what the heck that meant. I never clicked the link in the email. Thanks for the post!!

  4. What I have been amused with lately is the True Twit validation requests from bloggers who don’t even have a picture on their Twitter profile. I have a fully fleshed-out profile on Twitter and I am there to enter giveaways only. It’s ridiculous.

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