tune belt

In the world of smartphones hundreds of companies have marketed thousands of phone accessories. Charging accessories, protective accessories, stylish cases, protective cases, arm bands, and even old fashioned phones that plug into your smartphone. But rarely have I seen companies that target a product that works so well with other products. TuneBelt offers a large selection of Arm Bands and Belts that work in combination with your protective case.

I received the Sport Armband ($24.95) to work with my Otterbox Case on my Droid DNA. The Sport Armband offers even more protection with its cushioning Neoprene and protective covering. It covers my entire device except for access points at the bottom. It also helps further protect against bumps, scratches and sweat. I can wear it working out at the gym or hiking along the trail and I don’t have to worry.

Even with all the protection its still user friendly.I can still use my phone through the clear window cover. It’s lightweight with an extendable arm band and even a cord flap to secure my earphone cord. The Sport Armband is even washable, which is great because who wants to wear a sweaty armband?

Believe it or not Tune Belt originated long before smartphones were wildly popular. Richard Wagner, a CPA, was vacationing with two friends in the Wyoming Teton Mountains when he encountered a product he had never seen before – neoprene. It occurred to Wagner that this neoprene material might be useful for solving a problem he was searching for a solution to. Wagner enjoyed listening to music while running but didn’t like the hassles of trying to carry a FM Walkman radio. The belt clips on the back of the radio would come loose or slip off his shorts causing the radio to fall; the weight of the radio would cause his shorts to sag; and hand carrying the radio was cumbersome. The company started with Neoprene walkman carriers, cd carries and then MP3’s. They still offer those products in addition to iPod and Smartphone Carriers.