20150821_202329The success of a vacation often depends on effective planning and scheduling. It takes a combination of time management, along with financial prudence when necessary, in order to fit in everything on your itinerary. However, even the best laid plans can be cancelled, as just about all of us have experienced. Unexpected work crises, weather conditions, injuries and family emergencies, can force you to cancel your perfect trip before it even gets underway.

Part of the frustration is that money you have spent is often non-refundable. You end up paying for pricey accommodation that doesn’t get used by you or anyone else. Most hotels have a no-refunds policy, or a hefty cancellation fee. Not only is this vacation ruined, you may no longer have the budget to make travel plans for the near future.


Peace of mind – for the hotel

Many travellers fear this possibility, and plan their trip accordingly. They leave bookings as late as possible, or choose hotels that have no cancellation fees. While these habits may provide temporary peace of mind for the visitor, they lead to inconvenience or alternative financial losses, as hotels act in accordance with their own peace of mind.

Among other consequences:

  • bookings are more expensive: it’s no secret that the closer you are to the trip date, the more expensive your room is likely to be. This is because it is in demand far more than it was a month ago
  • you don’t get the room you need: the later you leave the booking, the less likely your ideal room will be available
  • some hotels will give your room away: hotels with no-refund policies, or hefty cancellation fees, have peace of mind of their own. But some hotels who offer refunds are ready to give your booking away to guests already there, or who arrive earlier than you. There are many stories of travellers who arrived in the middle of the night, only to discover they have nowhere to stay – and had to go through lengthy processes to get their money back anyway!

Roomer’s creative solution

This is not an isolated problem. In one year, $8.6 billion is wasted on 220 000 cancelled hotel rooms in the U.S. alone!

Roomer, an online travel marketplace, give travelers an alternative when it comes to last-minute cancellations. They make the empty hotel room available to other vacationers looking for a bargain. The buyer gets the room at a cheaper rate, while the seller makes back a fair portion of the money that would have gone to waste.

And Roomer goes further than simply match buyers with sellers. They have an automated validation system, that ensures the authenticity of the reservation, as well as guaranteeing payment with their secure system.

The whole process is easy and stress-free. Once you’ve post your information, the responsibility is no longer yours.

Last-minute holiday makers get discount reservations

Not all vacations are meticulously planned. Business owners and freelancers, as well as students and retirees, often have the luxury of making the spontaneous decision to take a break. Others may have cancelled plans that allows them the time.

But it’s not always straightforward. Taking a last minute vacation means finding accommodation when, in theory, everything is booked up. The hotels that have rooms will only make those rooms available at exorbitant rates.

Roomer makes it possible for spontaneous travellers to find the room they need at a discounted rate, rather than at disproportionate prices.

The travel business

Travel agencies regularly book hotel rooms that they don’t manage to sell. It is a risk inherent to the business. Even businesses such as meeting planners lose out when business trips and conferences are cancelled. And so do hotels who offer partial or full refunds.

Roomer provides a business-to-business option. Businesses can partner with them for free and benefit from the sale of rooms that would otherwise have remained empty.

Buyers and sellers benefit en masse

As mentioned, every year sees multibillion dollar losses in terms of cancellations. Hotels too, lose extra revenue that they would have gained from room service and food and drink orders.


It’s no surprise then that Roomer’s service is booming. It has fast become the biggest in the field. Although it started small in Israel, it is now headquartered in New York and operates worldwide.


The vast amount of testimonials paint the picture that users of the service had extremely positive experiences. The most common praises are the quick efficiency of the service, the accurate depiction of the available rooms, and simply that it works.