The foliage is turning and the festive spirit of autumn is in the air. It’s the perfect time for you to turn over a new leaf, too! Seasonal cleaning is usually reserved for the spring—a time for airing out dusty comforters and donating unworn clothes—but fall is the perfect time to make room for new things. It’s a season full of fun events and socializing with friends, from costumes at Halloween to the cheer of the winter holiday season. There’s no better time for the phrase, “out with the old and in with the new.” Transform those tatty clothes in your closet, donate the holiday table decor you use every year and turn the changing of the season into a reason for inspiration.

Transform Your Living Space

A fun way to get yourself in the autumnal spirit is to add some touches around your home. Start with things you use every day like tableware, store away the plastic plates and cups and bring out the cozy mugs. Brew some homemade cider using a simple pot and spiced fruit (many recipes can be found with a simple Internet search). Scent and color transform your environment, and the fall season provides one of the richest, atmospheric color palettes of the year. Burnt organic hues and rich, spicy scents are what make autumn a fun time. So light a scented candle, snuggle up to a mug of something spiced and enjoy the crisp weather.

Exercise Your Creativity With Costuming

Holidays have an uncanny way of sneaking up when there’s preparation or social events involved. Halloween is one of the first major events after Labor Day, and it’s also a time to show off your costuming skills. Instead of rushing to the store at the last minute to try and find a costume for your friend’s party, start early and enjoy an evening of revelry. Instead of donning the same store-bought costume which is usually expensive, invest in some small touches from the craft store or online. It can be inspirational to simply see what’s out there. A bauble that catches your eye may give you the perfect idea for a costume you’ll really enjoy making and wearing. Stock up on all the fun things you want, from pretty buttons to quirky appliqués. Don’t be afraid to use coupons that give you a better value for buying in bulk, like $5 off orders $50 or more, because you can always save the odds and ends for next year.

Slip Into A New You

Seasonal changes mean certain clothes get packed away, and a whole new wardrobe emerges. This fall and winter, reinvent your look with layering. Fall is a perfect time to experiment with colors and fabrics, since you can wear a light jacket over a sweater, and a base layer under that. Unlike the warm weather months, where even one garment can seem unbearable on the hottest days, fall is filled with a variety of looks. To breathe new life into your preexisting wardrobe, use the pieces you love and already own as a foundation. One useful tip is to mix in some of your warm weather clothes, too. Try pairing that strappy tank in a bright, vivid hue with a warm, v-neck sweater in a more organic, earthy tone. It gives an unexpected pop of color to your outfit. Fall is also a good time to invest in more expensive pieces. Be a little daring and get those lace-up, leather boots you’ve been eyeing, but don’t forget to make sure they can survive a walk through the leaves!