tutu hauteTutu Haute has taken the girly girl tutu one step further and made a dress! Yes, a dress, because every girl is a princess at the TuTu Haute Etsy Shop. I was fortunate enough to review a Butterfly Tutu Dress for my daughter. As I opened the box and unwrapped the dress, Ava’s eye’s grew wide. She said “is that for me”, in the most excited voice. Before I could turn around to look at her, her shorts were off and she was working on pulling her shirt over her head. She needed to put on this fancy dress right away.

The dress I reviewed had a couple different shades of purple and pink tulle as well as a few strings of fun ribbon detail, but Tutu Haute had several different color choices and well as an option to customize. The collar of the dress was made from a soft and stretchy material but not too stretchy, its a type of material that still holds its shape. It also came with a detectable purple butterfly.  After I finished helping Ava get this beautiful dress on, we headed outside to get a couple of fun pictures. She had a blast laughing and twirling around. I got so many cute pictures of her, I wish I could have shared them all. They would certainly bring a smile to your face.


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