That time of year is finally here when the evenings are light, the leaves are on the trees, and we can ditch those bulky coats and sweaters for the spring and summer fashions. Of course, it isn’t just clothing that changes with the seasons, but also those cute accessories that help us pull our outfits together into stylish looks that are fun to wear. Jewelry can play a big part in that, whether it is fun, inexpensive fashion pieces that liven up our plainest outfits or luxurious, glamorous jewels that make our evening wear look even more fabulous.

Summer 2016 Trends 

While jewelry tends to be something we keep and wear for much more than one season or year, buying the kinds of pieces that are fashionable now to add to your collection can give you a way to experiment with the newest trends in a way that also represents an investment – after all, unlike the latest look in a dress, you can wear your on trend jewelry every day and mix and match it to create different looks that will see you through all of this summer’s big events. Like other accessories like sunglasses and watches, the jewelry you buy for this season is also likely to remain a nice touch for many seasons to come, so don’t be afraid of following fashion when you shop for it!

With that in mind, here are two trends in jewelry for 2016’s spring and summer season that you should look out for:

Nature Inspired Statement Rings: Rings are a great way to add to an outfit, and are easy to slip on to compliment a fun nail color or beautiful new manicure. When it comes to the fashion rings for summer 2016, many of the big designers and jewelry brands like Trollbeads are looking to nature for inspiration, with rings featuring bold natural materials like a big statement pearl. If you prefer more delicate pieces, then the nature theme continues with pretty floral or leaf designs in metals, that have a mysterious, almost magical look to them that is feminine and compliments a summery, bohemian style. A really cute way to wear this season’s fashion rings if you want to make a daring statement is to stack them, with different rings and stones all on one finger.

Charm and Bead Bangles: Charm and bead bracelets have been big fashion news for a few years now, and the trend shows no sign of losing steam for summer 2016. However, for a modern twist on the traditional charm bracelet, look for a bangle design instead which you can furnish in the same way with your own unique choice of beads or charms, and which will look stunning with both casual and evening outfits.

There are some great jewelry trends to follow this summer, so have fun shopping for what will soon be favorite pieces in your 2016 accessory collection, and start wearing them now!