ultrathin-keyboard-mini-feature-and-icons-imagesI honestly think dual purpose items are the bees knees. The more functions I can get out of one item, especially with regards to technology, the more time, energy and bag space I can save. So you can imagine how quickly I might have fallen in love with the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover by Logitech –  available for both the iPad and the iPad Mini, ours is for the iPad mini.

Its a cover. It’s a keyboard. It’s both! This ultra thin, aluminum keyboard also doubles as complete touchscreen protection for our iPad Mini. It also works as a fully functional stand for the iPad too. Mind blown right? One of the great things about a wireless keyboard is that it frees up screen space which is a precious commodity on the mini. Not to mention it makes working or responding to emails faster and more error free. Like a full sized keyboard the Logitech also features shortcut keys for commands like copy, paste, undo ect.

The iPad mini fits right into a recessed groove just behind the keyboard to function as a stand. Instead of holding it as a 90 degree angle it’s titled to an angle that makes it perfect for both typing on the keyboard and utilizing the touch screen.

The keyboard also attaches right to the iPad mini via magnetic clips to function as a protective cover. The cover interacts with the iPad Mini by waking it when you open the cover and putting it to sleep when it’s closed which helps save battery for both! The keyboard is rechargable via the included USB cable. I really appreciate that I can get up to 6 months battery life on a full charge because that’s one less charging cord I need to worry about when I travel. It comes in both black or white to match either iPad and it weighs less than 1/3 the weight of the iPad Mini, at only 208 grams.

A little while back, Logitech commissioned a survey that revealed that – in many cases – we value our technology over our loved ones. The results (below) inspired us to make a positive connection between tech and love by launching our first-ever initiative to sponsor a marriage proposal, and today we’re happy to share the results! Check out this sweet story on the video above of Michael and Annie: married for more than 20 years, Michael has been dying to re-propose to his better half and we helped make his dream a reality.


Highlights from Logitech Press Release

  • 93 percent of respondents use their tablet in bed
  • 43 percent would be just as upset if they broke their iPad compared to ending a relationship
  • 74 percent find it acceptable to reach for their iPad after being intimate
  • 37 percent would rather enjoy the morning after a date with their iPad than last night’s date
  • 21 percent admitted to damaging their tablet or smartphone while being intimate! 
  • 81 percent of single Americans say they make more mistakes in text messages than in the bedroom, and 31 percent of tablet owners have admitted of disastrous auto-corrects when typing flirty messages on their tablet.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Enter the giveaway for your Ultrathin Keyboard Cover valued at $80 below!


  1. I love their keyboards! My favorite would have to be the Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350 & Wireless Trackball M570 Bundle

  2. Ok, lol – I messed up and said I followed you on Instagram. I dont have a account. So what I did was leave out the “I follow on Pinterest” so my entries would be the same. Lol – I couldnt edit. Make since? Sorry

  3. I love their products. My favorite would be the TV Cam. I would like one for my mother!

  4. I’m the product of two fantastic people, so currently I’m my favorite, but in terms of technology, I would say that fantastic every changing, portable Cell Phone. Won’t leave home without it.

  5. My favorite product is my stand mixer. I can make delicious things for my family with it.

    Diana C

  6. The Washable Keyboard is right up my alley. I have a thing with trying to keep the keyboard clean. The Ultra Thin cover is a close 2nd. This would certainly help a lot!

  7. I love the washable keypad, I hate to say this but I am not the neatest person, my keypad has suffered!!

  8. My favorite product is the Wireless Mouse M510. I have one at work and it saves me from getting all my cords everywhere. I plan to get some kind of wireless keyboard in the future. Thank you for this opportunity to win such a great product.

  9. the cover itself is my favorite, I will put my ipad in any tote or bag that I am carrying, if I know it can’t get damaged!

  10. I love the G19S gaming keyboard its so awesome for gaming online! Logitech products are the absolute best!

  11. I love the Lady on Lily Logitech Wireless Mouse. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

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