Unique And Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

If you have been following my posts, you probably have seen I am a bit of a jewelry fanatic. I have been a lover of jewelry since I was a teenager and I passed that on to Chelsea. She has such an eye for the unique and beautiful handmade jewelry that I love and keeps an eye out for pieces I may like. Because she lives in Atlanta, she has access to a huge pool of local artisans and fairs that make this kind of jewelry available. Where I live, I do not have this access, so I turn to the internet to find my treasures. One company that I fell in love with is Baroni Designs, where you can find handmade wedding, silver and gemstone jewelry for men, women and children alike.

Unique And Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

Baroni Designs is the creative collection of Sarah Baroni, who lives in beautiful (and nearby) North Carolina. Sarah has a firm believe that jewelry is much more than something you put on your finger or hang around your neck. Rather, Sarah believes they reflect who were are at our core, and I completely agree with her on that. I think each piece of Sarah’s designs has a feeling or aura if you will, attached to them, bringing that out in the wearer. If you are feeling like a rebellious and sassy girl, I bet you will choose something from Baroni Designs that reflects that inner part of your being. If you are serene, calm and reflective, I think you will end up with a piece that has those vibes radiating from them. Sarah created rings, charms, necklaces, bracelets and chains for both sexes as well as for children. Some of the sweetest charms and bracelets I have ever seen are in the kids collection. Are you looking for unique and beautiful handmade jewelry for your wedding or your wedding party? Sarah has some exquisite pieces you would love!

I chose the Trinity River Necklace because I LOVE quartz, silver and turquoise. I was drawn to the teardrop shape of the turquoise stone and the grooves and patterns in the silver make me think of how light reflects off water. The quartz, which is something that shows up a lot in my jewelry makes me feel grounded to the earth and has brought me much luck. The delicate chain is a perfect weight for the trio of gorgeous adornments than hang so beautifully from your neck. I always take this necklace with me when I travel and am constantly fighting with my teenage daughter to wear it!  My necklace retails for $100 and can be purchased on the Baroni Designs website along with all of Sarah’s other gorgeous pieces.

One USA reader will win one Trinity River Necklace ($110.00)


  1. I am a bit of a jewelry fanatic too and have been a lover of especially handmade jewelry. I like the turquoise jewelry picture.

  2. My favorite item from the site is the Hot Spring Earrings. The hard part is knowing which color is my favorite.

  3. I think I like the Trinity River necklace the best – I looked through and also liked the Coastal Grove earrings.

  4. I would love to have the Breast Cancer Awareness Charm Necklace. My mom died of cancer and anything thats raises awareness is my FAVORITE!!!!

  5. i like the Breast Cancer Awareness Charm Necklace. My mom was just diagnosed this past month, plus i have had a grandmother, aunt, great grandmother, great aunt and my step mother with breast cancer. terrible disease! thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

  6. Oh my! Hard question but in all honesty I think I like the Trinity River necklace the very best. But then…..no its the Trinity River. so natural and yet so pretty.

  7. I like their jewelry because it’s unique. The piece that stood out for me is the Elan Necklace in silver. Beautiful color!

  8. I love the Aceso Necklace! Amethyst is my birthstone and I very much love the deep purple color, I’ve never thought of having a necklace like that, but it’s gorgeous, and one I’d love to wear!

  9. Transformation Earrings–Product Code: PK-E-05-G
    There is something very zen about the shape and material

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