Unique Decorating Ideas For Your Home

If you love to play with your space and decorate, does your budget hold you back? Many people who would love to jump into a decorating project often let their budget dictate if they can or cannot do it. I think for many of us when we think decorate we think gutting the place and starting from scratch. That readers is a remodel, not a redecorate, so all systems are ready to go. So, if you do have a small budget to work with, what can you do that will make a statement but not break the bank? Here are some great ideas for unique decorating ideas for your home:

  • Seating: If you are short on seating, there are many options to solve that dilemma. My living room needs seating but I do not have the room for any additional chairs or other additional seating. Instead, use over sized floor cushions. You can stack your cushions until you need them for your seating needs. You can find cushions in the home and garden section, or if you can sew, go to the thrift store, grab some old pillows and recover them.
  • Wall Art: Have you got a blank space on a wall but the wall art you have shopped for is too expensive. Instead, buy some nice frames at the discount store and use scrapbook paper, wall paper or fabric. If you are in the creative mood, head to the thrift store and find some old frames, repaint them and then insert the above suggestions,
  • Accessories: Do you have some naked table tops or a mantle that is crying for some company? Go to the craft store and buy some varied sizes of clay pots. Now head to the paint section and grab a few complimentary colors and foam brushes. Now paint and decorate those clay pots and then plat some cheerful greenery. With this, you are not only adding color, but the plants are good for the O2 levels in the space!
  • Go Retro: A lot of folks are crazy about the vintage and retro ideas for decorating. Again, the thrift store can yield some great finds that fit the retro criteria. Get creative with glass wear, prints, or fabrics. An inexpensive way to add the retro feel as well as add texture to the space are pillows. If you can find some great pillows that have that retro vibe, it can add a lot of character to a room. I love the pillows from Haulrig Design because the prints and designs are made today but have yesterday’s feel.

Unique Decorating Ideas For Your Home

I love to use pillows when I am decorating or redecorating a room. Who does not love a soft, cheerful and lively looking pillow on a plain sofa or bed? My family room has a solid chocolate brown sofa and love seat, furniture that is a lighter shade of the same brown and a bench that is..you guessed it! Brown! I needed some color in that room and soon! With the colorful and quirky designs of the pillows from Haulrig Design, that is exactly what I got!

This Danish based company has a variety of sizes for their flower pillows. You can choose from small, medium and there is  a larger non-flower cushion. You can also order round crocheted, square owl or just plain square! I really love my small flower pillows from Haulrig Design. They not only added color to the space, but character as well. And when I recently hurt my hip and had to go to the hospital, my flower pillow was the softest and most comfortable I could find to take with me. I think that is a pretty great testament!


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