Unique Remote Control Cars
Just like most boys, Henry loves playing with cars and trucks and all things that go vroom. He has an entire rolling cabinet filled with sports cars, construction trucks and equipment, super hero planes and a mish mash of many others. You can find him in his room at least 4 days a week playing with his collection and making the obligatory car noises that match each one. If his buddy Adam is over, Adam will bring his collection and then we have a huge car lot in Henry’s room! One of his very favorite cars is his newest addition, the Mercedes SLS from Silverlit Toys. This car is way more than your average remote control car, but then Silverlit Toys is more than your average toy company.

Unique Remote Control Cars

Silverlit Toys has been making amazingly cool and fun toys for kids for more than 30 years. Not only are the toys fun, but they are safe, innovative and are on the cutting edge of technology. Silverlit Toys not only designs the toys, but they manufacture them as well and in 1994, was awarded the ISO Certificate for full compliance with international standards, a first for a Toy Manufacturer in Asia. One of the newer products from Silverlit Toys that is gaining popularity are their unique remote control cars. We were sent the Mercedes SLS, which is a miniature of the actual car and Henry just loves it!

The first thing you will notice about the car is how well made it is and how much it looks like a real Mercedes SLS. The car has sound effects of a real engine, and your iPhone or iPad can be used as a joystick to make the car drive forward, twist the device to turn right or left, and lean the device back to reverse or remain idle. The car also has the same dashboard as the Mercedes SLS and you can control the headlights, tail lights, signal lights, horn and open/close of the doors all triggered via the downloadable app. Another fun feature about the car is that it is also a speaker which can stream your favorite songs from your iTunes library. You can purchase the Mercedes SLS from the Silverlit website for $129.99.
One USA reader will win a Silverlit Mercedes SLS remote control car ($129.99)


  1. My son loves cars and is crazy racing them in house and he would love to own GT Champion Racing Team

  2. My favorite is the 2.4G Gyro Zee. Two sided driving is cool & popping a wheelie & then keep driving on 2 wheels is just as fun.

  3. My son would really love the Sky Dragon. He has a remote control helicopter on his Christmas list and this looks like one he’d be very happy to unwrap 🙂

  4. My son loves cars and is crazy about driving them and this would be perfect gift for fall and christmas as he can play it indoors too,FXX (1:16) is really great for him.

  5. I love the cars, but the M.I. Hover helicopter is probably my favorite…and the one the cats would enjoy most.

  6. I really enjoy the UFO’s – Space Nova, and I believe my grandchildren would love to fly this at my house.

  7. I’d say the Porsche 911 Carrera would be a huge hit in my house. It would be tough to tell who would want to terrorize the cat with it first. LOL

  8. I love the sky cam helicopyer, my grandson would love and appreciate any of these great toys. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Ooooh I really like the helicopter 2.4G Spy Cam II (Limited Edition) 🙂 That’s pretty sweet AND it’s a spy cam 🙂

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