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Unique Tee Shirts For Kids From Jusami Sweepstakes

Unique Tee Shirts For Kids

My daughter wears a uniform to school, so I look for unique tee shirts for kids when I am shopping for her.  Have you noticed that more and more t-shirts that are designed for kids are not always appropriate?  I don’t allow my kids to wear shirts that are offensive in any way, even if other kids are wearing them.  In my opinion, you clothes are like a wearable billboard, reflecting our personality and  moral standards to others.  I know it is stereotyping, but when people see a kid wearing a shirt with a skull with snakes for eyeballs, people assume they are heading towards being in a biker gang.  I found a great clothing line for kids with cute graphics that I am totally cool with my kids wearing.

Jusami shirts is a family owned business based out of Brooklyn, NY.  Jusami was developed by the owners son (ok, not completely but he was a big contributor) and his drawings.  He wanted to tape one of his super hero drawings (which later became the prototype for their first shirt) to the shirt he was wearing.  The playful graphics Jusami use are made to fit these comfy tees to a “T”.  From there, the family began a business that produces unique shirts for kids.  These shirts that are made with soft and comfortable 100% hand spun cotton, which gives the shirts their super soft and comfortable feel.  When you see the Jusami tees, you can tell they are made with love and a playful spirit.

Fun Tee Shirts For Kids

I love finding fun tee shirts for kids because that is pretty much all they wear when they are not in school.  If I am going to find cute shirts, it will be on the Jusami website!  I was fortunate enough to review one of the Jusami shirts (valued at $28.00) for girls.  We chose the Dinosaur Girl, which is a graphic of a little girl riding a dinosaur.  It is just the cutest and one of the most comfortable shirts I have gotten for the kids.  The shirt is soft, well made and super playful. As soon as the package arrived, my daughter was pulling off her play shirt to put her new shirt on.  She went outdoors and our neighbors happened to be outside as well.  Their little girl saw the shirt and said “I want to be that girl on the dinosaur!”  Our neighbors loved it so much that they wanted to get shirts for their 4 children!

One winner will get a t-shirt of their choice (valued from $28-$35) from Jusami

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