Unique Watches For Women

When I was working outside the home, I had a pretty good sized collection of watches. I had about as many watches as I did bracelets or rings. I am a stickler for punctuality and I do not like being late to anything. I also do not like it when people are late meeting me! I think everyone should wear a watch so they can be on time to all the appointments in their day. When I began staying home and taking care of the kids, I stopped wearing a watch. For a while, I did not have any appointments or events I had to be part of, so it did not matter if I had a watch or not. If I wanted to know what time it was, I could just look at a clock in the house. Once I started nursing school and the kids were in school, I found the need to wear a watch again and wore an ordinary wrist watch from the discount store. Now that I am traveling for business, I feel I need to step up my game and look more polished and put together. When I was looking for a nice watch that would cross over from casual to business, I loved the selection and style from Winky Designs.

Unique Watches For Women

I love jewelry that is unusual and the pieces from Winky Designs are that and more! I love the gorgeous unique watches for women. The intricately woven leather design with the beautiful beading of precious stones is just breathtaking. You can choose from the classic single wrap or the dramatic double wrap, either of which is a fantastic choice. I finally decided on the Purple Haze double wrap watch because I just love the deep shades of purple, blue, gold and creamy tones of the Purple Impression Jasper stones. Absolutely magnificent!

Winky Designs was founded by Winky Wu, a talented and innovative designer. The designs from Winky are the perfect balance between whimsy and seriousness. The designs translate very well from the office to a night out on the town. I found it interesting that Winky has a degree in Accounting and Finance and yet has taken a raw talent that is being worn by Fashionistas everywhere! In addition to the watches, you can also find scarves, belts and clutches. You can purchase the watches and other accessories from the Winky Designs website, including my double wrap watch which retails for $90.00

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One USA reader will win one watch of their choice from the One The Rocks Collection Classic Wrap ($70.00), depending on availability.


  1. I don’t think I could narrow down to one favorite. I love those watches, especially the ice cream and on the rocks ones. If I really had to pick one, it would be the double purple haze

  2. I love the Dreams of Gold Sequin Clutch. They have such cute things….and they are priced great!

  3. I love the Purple Rain, Purple Haze and Royal Martini Wrap watches, and I also love the black pearl watch.

  4. I really like the slap band watch in candy pink. It’s a perfect watch to wear at home while doing chores or out running errands with the kids.

  5. Loving the Blue Cosmo Classic Wrap Watch. I think that dark blue is going to be my color this year…

  6. I love recycled and reusable product, I want, I need the recycled plastic belt in red!

  7. I would really want the birthday cake ice cream watch. I’m defiantly going to keep browsing and buy something these accessories are adorable ^__^

  8. I would really want the birthday cake ice cream watch. I’m defiantly going to keep browsing and buy something these accessories are adorable ^__^

  9. I love the Caribbean Sea breeze. This would be a Thank You for my 13 year old granddaughter who has stayed with me the last week and waited on me hand and foot after back surgery. She also kept the house spotless. I’m proud of that young lady!

  10. I like the Rocky Road Bracelet Watch. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

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