Unique Wedding Favors

Unique Wedding Favors

If you are planning a wedding or know someone who is, unique wedding favors will probably be on the list.  My oldest daughter Chelsea was recently asked to be the maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding.  When Chelsea and I were on the phone recently, she was listing all the responsibilities she had as the maid of honor.  I was shocked at the long list of tasks the maid of honor was apparently “made” to do.  When I was married (the first time), my maid of honor had 2 jobs; throw me a kick butt bachelorette party and get me to the church on time (yes, that was a gratuitous David Bowie reference).   One of the duties Chelsea was given was to find wedding favors for her friend’s wedding.  I thought that was a job for the bride herself, but I guess when I got married 25 years ago (ouch) things were more simple.

I found a really wonderful shop on Etsy that sells all kinds of sweet things that are perfect for many occasions.  Crystal Johnson is actually the proprietor of two shops at Etsy.  If you are in the market for baby gifts, you should visit Angelorian Baby and if you want items for that special occasion that you want to give a meaningful gift, you should visit her other Etsy shop, The Angelorian Tradition.  I love Crystal’s items because they are unique, sweet and personal.  You can ask Crystal to hand stamp a petite spoon with a favorite saying or to mark a special date.  If you are looking for wedding favors, Crystal can hand stamp shiny pennies with the wedding date.  The gifts Crystal offers give a personal touch that the happy recipient will always remember.  There is nothing sweeter than to receive such a special and individual gift.
Commemorative Gifts

Commemorative Gifts

I love that Crystal offers so many choices for commemorative gifts.  She can stamp just about anything on just about anything!  Crystal was generous enough to send a variety of items for my review.  I love her hand stamped Lucky Pennies ($10.00 for a bag of 10) which I am currently using for rewarding good behavior with my kids.  I also received one of her hand stamped vintage silver plated spoons ($11.00) that I actually use for my coffee in the morning.  I also received a gorgeous resin rose and antique brass necklace ($14.00), a hair clip embellished with a Swarovski pearl that also comes with a set of hand crocheted flowers that fit around the pearl, making the pearl the center of the flower ($4.00) and last but not least, a very pretty embroidery pendant kit with 6 assorted vintage floss cards, designed by an artist from Greece ($12.00).  I can tell you if you want a gift that is unique and meaningful, Crystal can make one or two or she can make a large lot for wedding favors, etc., of which, Crystal offers a discount for large orders.

Crystal has set up the discount code MAKOBI10, which gives Makobi Scribe readers a 10% discount. This code will be valid for 90 days of the posting date of this review.

One reader will win a custom package (like the 2nd picture in the review) which will consist of:  one stamped date penny keychain, which can hold up to 6 stamped pennies ($11.00-$19.00) and one hand stamped vintage silver plated coffee/tea spoon ($11.00).  The winner will contact Crystal and the two will decide on the specifics of the customization for the two giveaway items.

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