Unusual Puzzle Games

Unusual Puzzle Games

My family is always on the lookout for unusual puzzle games for game night.  We are all addicted to puzzles in one form or fashion.  My husband is unable to get through the day without at least one crossword puzzle.  Caitlin is pretty obsessed with Sudoku and word search puzzles.  Henry is crazy about putting puzzles together and is crazy good at them.  If you remember the scene from Rainman when Dustin Hoffman was able to count the toothpicks the waitress had dropped.  With his autism, Henry has a similar gift with puzzles.  At a very young age, somewhere around 3-4, Henry could dump a brand new puzzle out of a box and put it together within 5-6 minutes!  As he has gotten older, he can do this with puzzles with more pieces then the 100 piece puzzles he was putting together as a preschooler.

If you haven’t heard of Perplexus, you need to research it now!  This maze game has more twists and turns than an Alfred Hitchcock movie!  The Perplexus is a round plastic ball that houses brightly colored paths that weave in and out and over and under and around one another.  The difficulty level is pretty challenging with this addictive game!  Perplexus is the creation of Michael McGinnis who originally designed the Perplexus as a project for his art class in the 1970’s.  Michael knew his concept could be a great game; it took almost 20 years for his concept to become a reality. Working with one of the leading inventing companies in the toy industry, Michael and the designers at KID Group fashioned a prototype and they named it the Superplexus.  It would be several years before Michael’s vision became a reality and the Superplexus would become the Perplexus that is challenging folks all over.  To learn more about the Perplexus game, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Fun Games You Can Play By Yourself

With Henry being home schooled, I am always on the lookout for fun games you can play by yourself.  Henry is lost without Caitlin here during the day, so I wanted to find a few things he could do in between lessons that would give his brain a work out.  When I was offered a Perplexus ($24.99) for review, I knew immediately Henry was going to LOVE it!  This amazing toy is right up my little puzzle expert’s alley.  Not only are the bright colors of the paths engaging, the ball itself is made so incredibly well that it will surprise you.  You begin by choosing the track you want to start from, by choosing 1, 2, or 3.  For beginners it is recommended they begin with #1.  You manipulate the small metal ball inside the Perplexus down your chosen path.  You can move the Perplexus in any number of twists, turns, flips, twists and any other way you can get the metal ball to follow the path until it reaches the end.  Another great aspect of this game is that you can play alone or you can play with another person or even in teams.  We chose boys versus girls on game night and we had the best time.  When was the last time you had so much fun you were gasping for breath from laughing so hard and you were afraid you may wet your pants?  Well, get a Perplexus and you will find out for yourself how stinking fun this game is!

One reader will win a Perplexus ARV $24.99

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  1. I think I would like the Perplexus Original the most. It looks like a lot of fun and challenging, too!

  2. I did all except the personal shopper one kept telling me my last name had more then letters in it. So i couldnt do that one. Done all othrrs tho. 🙂

  3. I have never tried any of the games ..i would love too! I no my grandkids would have fun with one 🙂

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