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Upcycled Products For The Home From Hipcycle

Upcycled Products For The Home

I have recently been looking for upcycled products for the home.  Upcycling means to take an item and finding a new use for it.  An example many people are probably familiar with is taking empty drink pouches and making a purse out of them.  Many people get recycled and upcycled a bit confused.  With recycling you would take an item like an old tire and melting it down and making a new tire.  With upcycling, you would take that tire and make a flower pot or a bucket out of it.  I just think the idea of upcycling is really cool because you can take something that is on its last leg and turning it into something really cool and more importantly, useful again!  People have been upcycling for years, but it is just recently that the idea has become popular.  Years and years ago, quilts were made from old clothing or linens, so that is a great example of upcycling.

One company, Hipcycle, has made upcycling their business. Andrew Sell, who hails himself as the “Chief Hipcycler” started Hipcycle with the mission to create one common place consumers, could find upcycled products in every category from clothing to home goods.  Not only is upcycling a really great way to keep the amount of trash to a minimum, but it is really cool too!  The products from Hipcycle are durable, good looking and affordable.  If you are shopping for a product for yourself, your family or as a gift, why not buy that trash can that is made from Mentos wrappers instead of that plain plastic wastebasket from the discount store?!  You’d be a whole lot cooler if you did!!

Repurposed Home Decor

I had the most fun looking through the repurposed home decor at Hipcycle!  This company has some of the cleverest products I have seen.  Who would think to take a wine barrel and make it into a stool?  I know, right?  I finally decided on three products from Hipcycle, although given the opportunity, I would clean that store out!!  For my oldest daughter’s Christmas gift, I chose the Patron bowl ($21.00), which is made from an empty Patron tequila bottle.  This is really cool and would be great for dips, salsa or guacamole or anything you can think of.  I have just redecorated or bathroom, so the two items I chose to put there fit in really well.  The glass soap dispenser ($17.00), which is made from a recycled glass bottle, is cut and fire polished for a beautifully smooth look.  The other item I chose for the bathroom is my favorite item; the waste basket made from empty Mentos wrappers!  How cool is this?  I just love the look of this item with the colorful round wrapper rings that are secured onto a metal frame.  The best part about this trash can that is made from trash (I stole that one from the Hipcycle website!!) is that it is from a Fair Trade producer in India, that has been recognized for its work with disadvantaged artisans in their area.  I just love these amazing products and I have had a lot of fun explaining about upcycling and showing off the examples in my home!!

One reader will receive a $50 in Hipcycle cash to be used for purchase from Hipcycler.


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