Update Your Furniture

When we moved into our house, it was such an exciting time for all of us. The kids got their own rooms, I had a decent sized kitchen and we had a huge yard for the kids to play in and for my husband to mow! Because the kids had shared a room up until this point, they needed furniture for their new rooms. Because we splurged on two complete bedroom sets, I had the joy of using my 20 year old furniture for a few more years. Because we have been living on one income for so long, we have learned how to make do with what we have and cut corners anywhere we can. That philosophy covers just about every area of our lives, including my passion for interior decorating. Because I was unable to replace my furniture in my bedroom, I decided to make a few changes. Here are for budget busters you can use to create a new look while keeping within your budget:

4 Budget Friendly Ideas To Update Your Furniture pin

4 Budget Friendly Ideas To Update Your Furniture

  1. Stain It: I had an old hutch we used as a bookshelf and it was in dire need of new stain. I bought one can of stain for about $8 and one can of polyurethane for another $6. I was able to cover all the scratches, scrapes and worn areas and breathed life into this favorite piece of furniture.
  2. Paint It: My dresser was an outdated oak finish from the 1980’s and it was in dire need of an update. I chose to go the shabby chic route and I painted it a winter white with sage green accents. I used a satin finish spray paint and it took me about an hour and less than $20. The end result was a fresh and updated look to a terribly outdated piece of furniture.
  3. Contact Paper Is Your Friend: I love to find unusual uses for everyday items. In this case, I am taking contact paper I have left over from my kitchen cabinets for an old bookcase. I am going to repaint the small bookcase and put the contact paper on the shelves. I love this idea because it extends the life of the shelves because it protects them from scratching.
  4. Unusual Accents: I absolutely love to find unique accessories or accents for my furniture. This can be anything from a decoupaged print to lovely decorative knobs. For me, I chose the most beautiful knobs I have ever seen from The Forgotten Detail on Etsy.

forgotten detail

When considering how to update my room, I had a pretty good idea it was going to be replacing the hideous knobs that came with my furniture. They were too small, an odd silver/gold color and looked terrible. After browsing through Etsy for a bit, I came across the top notch knobs from The Forgotten Detail. I love the huge selection of high quality merchandise which is not limited to just the knobs. They also offer napkin rings and wall hooks as well. I chose the unique Country Club Brass with Glass Inlay Knob in the Clock pattern. At just $15 for a set of two of the generously sized 2″ knobs, you can change the look of your dresser, night stand, or other furniture piece for less than $100. I was pleasantly surprised at the thick glass, beautiful brass finish and clarity of the clock detail. They are absolutely stunning and I just love them.

The knobs from The Forgotten Detail are not your run of the mill items you would find at the hardware or home decor retail store. You can use them for any place in your home, including the bedroom like I did, the kitchen, bathroom, dorm room, office and more. You will love the selection of handcrafted knobs with glorious colors, designs and patterns. At these prices, you can change the look of not one, but several rooms in your home and still stay within your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to The Forgotten Detail and find yourself the perfect knobs now!

What piece of furniture would you update and which knobs from The Forgotten Detail would you choose?