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Updating Your Bedroom With A Winter Look

With the cold weather finally here, it is time for updating your bedroom with a winter look.  I know some folks don’t make any changes in their sleeping quarters when it gets cold, but I sure do!  Not only is it just cooler in the house, I think it gets a bit dreary with all the cloudy, snowy skies.  I don’t want to make major changes in my room, but a few subtle changes can certainly change the look and feel of a room.  I found some really easy tips for making the leap into a winter look.  Maybe you can put a few of them to good use.

Updating Your Bedroom With A Winter Look

  •  Candles:  There is nothing like a beautiful candle that looks pretty and smells pretty too.  Two of my favorite scents for the winter months are cinnamon and pumpkin spice.  I also love that the candles that have these yummy smells are typically in gorgeous hues of deep and rich oranges and reds.  Those are just great fall/winter colors in my opinion..not to mention romantic!!!
  • Greenery: It is always a winner when you add some greenery to your décor. You can use real or artificial, as long as you love the look and the feel it gives off.  I have two prints that are French vogue from the 1920’s and I chose some flowers in a deep pink and bright white to pick up the colors in the print.  I put them in simple wooden containers and they made a huge difference in the room.
  • Pillows: I love to add pillows to my rooms any time, any day, and any shape, color or texture.  Adding a pillow or two is very inexpensive and makes a great impact on the look of the room.  I have an all-white comforter and pillow shams, so I have an open canvas as far as colors go.  I picked up the dark pink red from my curtains and found the perfect pillows to make the room pop.  They are gorgeous.
  • Comforter: One thing I will spend money on is a nice comforter.  I have a lightweight comforter for the spring and summer months that won’t cut it when the weather turns chilly.  When I was looking for a new comforter that would be warm and cozy, I found a company that makes the most gorgeous silk duvets!  NordicComfort, founded in 2007 by two savvy business minds from Denmark, was quick to become a trusted name in the business.  At NordicComfort, their focus is giving their customers the best sleep possible while using the best textiles available.  By ethically sourcing the finest silk they can find, NordicComfort is able to provide you with the most amazing duvets and pillows.

The Benefits Of Using Silk

When I first visited the NordicComfort website, I wondered what the benefits of using silk were.  I have heard a lot about silk bedding and even have a silk pillow case, but a silk comforter?  Now that was something I wanted to learn more about.  Through years of traveling and research, the designers at NordicComfort have become well versed in the procurement of the most outstanding silk that can be obtained.  Silk is naturally Hypo-Allergenic, is mold and mildew resistant, temperature regulating and wicks moisture so you are dry all night.  As I near 50, I know the hot flashes are coming and I want to be prepared and it appears silk can do that for me.  I was given the SilkExcellence 200×200 Medium Weight Duvet ($299.00).  This is the most luxurious and delicious duvets I have ever felt.  The SilkExcellence is lightweight, which I love because I am hot natured, so this weight was perfect for me.  I love the way the duvet is constructed so that if I wash it, it won’t clump up like a down or synthetic duvet would.  With two kids and 2 cats, it is paramount that I am able to toss this in the washer.  If I had to think of a downside, it would be that because it is so silky, it tends to slide, but not so much that it bothers me at all.  With the medium weight, I can use this duvet year round and if I want to change it up, I can just put on a pretty cover and I have an instant makeover.  If you are in the market for a great duvet at a reasonable price, NordicComfort are a great place to visit.  To learn more about NordicComfort and keep up with their latest information, you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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