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USB Crazy Review

With all the fake flash out there, USBcrazy wants to make sure people are getting what they pay for.  Many websites offer 16, 32, or 64GB options, most of which are either overpriced or poor quality flash resulting in lower volume.  For example, you might buy a 32GB flash, only to find out it actually has 28GB.  Not a big deal, right? But, remember, you’re paying for 32GB, and that’s what you should get.  USBcrazy tests all our Flash with the world standard software called H2testw which can be downloaded here free of charge.

When I received my USBcrazy flash drive, I tested it and it was very close to 32GB which is outstanding! The USBcrazy drive I tested was a key chain that makes it very handy because it is portable! This will enable me to be able to download pictures from my mom’s house.

USBcrazy only uses Samsung or Intel flash with their thumb drives which insures high quality. You can find USBcrazy on Facebook.


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