Use Kids Cartoon Characters To Help Teach Kids

I have been home schooling Henry for 2 years now and we have had so much fun. I had no idea there were so many resources available for teaching your kids from home. We have had days where we were running errands the whole afternoon,s o we have taken teaching on the road. We have also found a ton of fun games, worksheets and activities online that we have used. One of Henry’s favorite subjects is science and I must admit, I love it as well. There is something to be said about seeing the look of excitement on a child’s face when they have performed an experiment that was successful. If you were to create a company that was focused on making science fun and interesting for kids, you would be The Young Scientists Club! Since 1999, The Young Scientists Club has been engaging children in the wondrous world of science and have made it so much fun.

Use Cartoon Characters To Help Teach Kids

Okay, I will admit I am not all that creative when it comes to thinking up science experiments on my own. We have already done the vinegar and baking soda experiment more than once. We had to do the volcano version and then we had to do it in the toilet bowl just because it was hilarious! If you had told me 2 years ago that I would use kids cartoon characters to help teach kids, I would have laughed. Well, shut my mouth because Clifford The Big Red Dog has helped Henry learn in a totally fun way! We were sent the Rainbow Science Kit and we have had the most fun with it.

The kit teaches kids all about rainbow science with a cute book narrated by Emily Elizabeth, Clifford’s owner. In addition to the book, there are supplies to make colored bubbles, make a rainbow star or spinner, a ceiling rainbow and a milk rainbow and a ton of other amazing activities. The kit comes with everything you need to complete 14 different activities centering on rainbows and colors. One thing I was very impressed with was how sturdy and well made the materials for the experiments were. The lab tray, which most companies include similar items that are very thin plastic that can tear with little force, is very sturdy. The cardboard circle used to make a rainbow spinner was not thin and cheap cardboard but was nice and thick. I think Henry’s favorite experiment was making colored bubbles in the tube and in oil. He really learned a lot because there were so many experiments, we were able to stretch them out over several days of teaching.  You can purchase the Clifford Rainbow Science Kit from the Young Scientists Club storefront online for $19.99 along with their many other kits.

One USA reader will win a Clifford Rainbow Science Kit ($19.99)


  1. I love so many of the them, but my daughter is only 3. Some of them will have to wait a while. We have had our eye on the Rainbow Science kit for a while now. Love it. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try to win one.

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