Using Dolls To Teach Girls About Friendship
Did you know many of the leaders in the field of child development recommend using dolls to teach girls?  I did not know that until recently when I read an article from a leading child psychologist.  By using dolls, you are able to show your child through role playing exercises how to treat others, friendship and many other important issues.  I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and there is such an enormous difference in how woman are portrayed today as compared to then.  I hate to sound like an old lady, but you can see derogatory messages about women on the television, radio, print ads and even in their own schools.  My daughter, who is in the 8th grade, comes home at least once a week to tell me about something negative she heard and worse, was called.  If we as parents can show our children to be respectful, kind, generous and loving, we have a better shot at raising strong and empowered women.  Here are some other great suggestions to help raise the girl in your life to be the best person possible.

Using Dolls To Teach Girls

  • Groups or Clubs:  Virtually every community has groups or clubs your children can join, and many are free.  In our area we have a YMCA right down the street and we also have a Yoke youth group that comes to Caitlin’s school each Wednesday.  Look in your local newspaper for a listing of clubs in your area that would be good for building friendships and learning how to treat others and interact with peers as well as adults.
  • Play Dates: Play dates aren’t just for pre-school age kids anymore!  If your child has a friend from school that they really admire, ask them over for an afternoon or a sleepover.  When your child is surrounded by positive people, they in turn will begin to reflect that positivity in their own demeanor.
  • Modeling at Home:  Are you a positive influence on your child?  Our children will emulate the adults in their lives and if you are not putting your best foot forward, why should they?  We are never perfect, and that is also an important lesson for our kids to learn.  The big factor is how you handle the aftermath of your actions. Caitlin and I had an argument recently about her rearranging her furniture in her room.  I didn’t agree with the way she wanted to arrange it and I said she could do what she wanted (very mature of me huh?!).  When she had everything moved, I had to admit it looked great.  I had to apologize not only for my anger but for doubting or squashing her right to arrange her room as she liked.
  • Toys to Build Values: If you can find a doll or toy that would help your child build their esteem or strengthen their morals, you should bring those items into your home.  An adorable line of dolls that encourage positive relationships with young girls are the Kimmidoll Junior by Kid’s Preferred where “friends are fun”.  This cleverly designed line of resin dolls, with their Japanese look are cute, well made and make the perfect collectible item for your little girl.

Developing Positive Relationships

With young kids in your home, developing positive relationships is an important part of your parenting foundation.  The sooner we can teach our kids positive values, the sooner we can see them imitating what they have learned.  I had the best compliment a few years ago from one of Caitlin’s teachers.  When your kids are at school, you don’t often hear how they interact with others.  I went to pick her up for a dental appointment and one of her teachers was in the office.  When he heard me ask for Caitlin, he turned and said he wanted to tell me how respectful and polite she was in class.  I was so humbled and was secretly doing a happy dance knowing her dad and I were on the right track!  With the Kimmidoll Junior by Kid’s Preferred, you can choose from a ton of these cute resin dolls as well as several fashion accessories and other items for your child’s collection.  When you purchase a Kimmidoll Junior by Kid’s Preferred, she has information that tells you who her best friends are, where she lives, what she wants to be when she grows up and other fun facts.  You can also find online activities.  The Kimmidoll Junior by Kid’s Preferred we received is Aesha ($17.99) and she is so cute with her purple hair, bird print kimono and polka dot koshi himo (sash).  We also received the Aesha Note Book – ($9.99), Aesha Money Box, ($15.99) and the Aesha Triangular Pencil Case ($15.99).  If you have a little girl, she will have hours of fun collecting her Kimmidoll Junior by Kid’s Preferred, playing her online games and collecting accessories.  The Kimmidoll Junior by Kid’s Preferred can be purchased from Amazon.

One reader will win their choice of one Kimmidoll Junior (Millie, Leila, Ellie, Jemma, Aesha, or Bonnie) ($15.99)


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  1. My favorite product is the Lotti House Trinket Box. I would use the doll with the children I work with during after school and for summer camp.

  2. My favorite product is the Lotti House Trinket Box. I would use the doll with the children I work with during after school and for summer camp.

  3. I would get Lily for a little girl named Lily who plays with my daughter and might benefit from this.

  4. I love anything with cindy on it:) The keychains, charms, coinpurses, trinket box… them all!! And not just for my daughter but for ME too!!!

  5. These products are absolutely adorable! I also love the House Trinket Box (lotti). My daughter loves to write notes and letters and I know she would adore that set.

  6. I wouldn’t even know where to start…my daughter would LOVE the dolls 🙂 She draws and paints and works with clay, and right now, all of her art has a bit of an asian flavor… these are right up her alley. And I agree.. my daughter is 12, and the things she brings home from school, make me cringe. She’s really athletic, and is currently doing great playing tennis, but wants to quit because the other girls on the team who are forced to be there for PE, call her a lesbian… my sweet girl, who doesn’t say boo to anyone, feels like she can’t get good grades, play a sport well…you name it…because she won’t fit in.. I want to scream!!! I don’t remember the out an out nastiness when I was growing up? My other kids are boys… she’s the baby…and they never had this level of ugliness to deal with. Ugh.

  7. My favorite is the Sophie doll… she’s so stinking adorable… and my little girl is Sophie too and I love finding anything with her name spelt the same… 🙂

  8. They’re all so cute! I’ve been collecting kokeshi for some time and one of these would go amazing in my collection! 😀 If I *had* to pick, my favorite would be Bonnie. 🙂

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  10. I like the House Trinket Box – Lotti
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

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  11. I like Jemma “Friends make everyday fun”. My daughter is in 3rd grade and she is going through the phase where some kids are mean to her and she doesn’t understand why because she wants everyone to be her friend.

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