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Got Fleas? Learn How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally

I know when you have pets, there is always a risk of getting fleas on your pets as well as in your home.  Since our cats are indoor pets, they have not been exposed to fleas and we have not had a  problem with them.  That is, until a few months ago when a friend brought her new puppy over for a visit.  About 2 weeks after the puppy was here, we noticed Meep was scratching. A lot.  Because Meep is thin and has mostly white fur, it was sickeningly obvious why she was scratching.  The poor baby was covered in fleas and it was absolutely pitiful and soon after, Hazel started scratching as well.  We tried bombs, flea dips, carpet powder, flea collars and a few other things trying to get the situation under control.  I could not get anything to work, so I looked up alternative treatments and found a few ideas that we could try that was chemical free and more safe for all of us.  Here are some of the many suggestions I found:

  • Seven Dust (diatomaceous earth):  This soft rock powder can be found in dynamite along with nitroglycerin as a buffering agent for transportation and in filtration systems like those in pools.  This powder is harmful to insects while it is completely safe for pets and humans.  You can sprinkle the powder in carpets and furniture and then vacuum it up along with the fleas!
  • Lemons or Rosemary: You can take several lemons, slice them, boil them in water and let it seep for an hour.  Strain the liquid into a spray bottle and spray your pet and work the mixture into their fur.  You can also do the same with rosemary leaves.  Fleas do not like the lemon juice and will seek refuge off the animal.  This must be used in tandem with something to kill the fleas once they fall off.
  • Lavender Oil: Take the essential oil of a lavender plant, which can be found in most herb or natural stores, and place 3-5 drops on the animals tail and the base of their neck. This is a natural flea repellent and the fleas will not want to stay on the pet.
  • Brewers Yeast: Take a small amount of brewers yeast and add it to your pets food each day.  Fleas do not like the result that is excreted out of the animals skin.
  • Electric Traps or UV Lights:  Fleas are attracted to warms lights and they drown in soapy water.  If you place small containers near nightlights, fleas will be attracted to the light and drown in the water.  Another option is electric or plug in flea traps that are effective and safe for you and your pet.  Again, the fleas are attracted to the light and the trap will have sticky paper that once the flea gets on cannot leave.  One well respected company that offers a wide range of sustainable living solutions, including all natural pest control solutions is Earth Easy.  This company, created by Greg Seaman is a place where you can go and find product for your home; inside and out that are as natural as can be!

Using Natural Flea Control

Using so many toxic chemicals in the house to kill the fleas, ended up aggravating my husband and sons allergies.  For days after, they had red eyes and their noses were running and the had a dry cough I wasn’t happy about.  I didn’t care at that point if the fleas had been killed if it came at the expense of my families health.  I was ready to try using natural flea control and the electric flea traps from Earth Easy sounded like a good product to try.  I was sent 4 traps and they are very easy to use and take just a few minutes to set up.  The trap comes with a sticky pad that you peel the backing off and place under the screen of the trap.  You plug the trap in and tuck the trap out of the way and pretty soon you will see a few fleas on the pads.  I was really excited to see the traps worked so well and without any chemicals!  We did follow the advice from Earth Easy to use the diatomaceous earth on the carpets, furniture and bedding.  We also used the lemon juice spray on the cats to kill the adult fleas on them.  It has been almost 2 weeks now and we have found a pretty good amount of fleas on the sticky pad, so I am very satisfied.  In addition to the pest control, Earth Easy sells such helpful products like low flow shower heads, raised flower beds and foam sealant for insulation.  You can also find information on such subjects as gardening, composting, and alternative energy, most of which came from Greg and his wife’s real life experience living in a rural area of the Pacific Northwest.  You can purchase the Electric Flea Traps online at Earth Easy for $16.95 and the sticky pad refills for $5.95.

One reader will win a $50 gift certificate for Earth Easy.


  1. The problem with these natural remedies is they only deal with adult fleas. Once you have fleas, you need a product that kills the eggs and larva too.

  2. I would love to try some of the natural cleaning products, like the Nellie’s Dishwasher Powder or the CitraDish Natural Dish Soap.

  3. I like the Vertical Gardening Woolly Pockets, Wally One. I can’t have plants because my three year old so destroys them. The wall hanging plants would be perfect!

  4. My sister told me about this and it really works on flea control for our animals. Equal parts of water, Listerine mouth wash (I use generic) and baby oil.

  5. I love the Global Sun Oven…I had a similar one but the wind here is so strong every single day, it didn’t do well… this looks a bit sturdier 🙂

  6. Living in FL it would definitely be the Electronic Insect Killer. Mosquitoes are horrendous!

  7. I like and need the Jora JK125 Composter – 4.5 Cubic Feet ITEM #: JK125. We have several compost piles, but I think this would be more efficient.

  8. there are quite a few i would like to try, the led bug lite, the herbal armor insect repellent, etc.

  9. love the flea catcher you featured plus the Breezecatcher Clothes Dryer – Rotary Clothesline

  10. Love the Food-Grade Diatomaceous earth. I have read about this elsewhere and I really think that I need some of this in my kitchen.

  11. The traps are great for getting fleas out of your house, but they don’t do much for your animals. You still need a way to get the fleas off your animals or they will keep reproducing. Try washing them with a few drops of Dawn Dish Detergent mixed in pet shampoo of any kind (no you do not need flea shampoo, which doesn’t really work anyway). The Dawn prevents the fleas from latching onto your pets hair and skin while bathing and they can be sprayed off. In addition, it prevents the eggs from sticking to the pet as well. We struggled with fleas for months until someone told me this trick and it WORKED!

  12. My lawn could use the corn gluten organic fertilizer – I’ve heard it’s great for killing weeds & I’ve got a bumper crop!

  13. I have a flea trap and I love it! Could definitely use some more,since I have 5 indoor dogs and a cat!:)

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