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I have worked in an office/administrative role for most of my life. In doing so, I have had to use various software programs for documents, spreadsheets, graphs and so on. When it comes to the software I have had to use, some was created specifically for the office I worked in, like budgeting or insurance. For the work I have had to do that was not job specific, , I have always been a user of Microsoft Office from Microsoft. Every office I have worked in, school and at home, that is the only program I have felt comfortable using. Even when others would tell me I could use a knock-off for free, I would rather pay for the real thing. Just like my soda: if it is not the real thing, I would rather not have any at all. I love that Microsoft Office is user friendly and is easy to learn and use. Even if I do not understand something, I can go to the help menu and it is easily explained for me. When I heard Microsoft 365 was coming out in 2013, I was really excited as I was sure there would be some cool changes for me to play with. When I finally got to download it, I was not let down one little bit! Something different with this program is you can purchase the program for a year or you can pay monthly, whichever you prefer. That is great if you do not have the money all at once but still need to use the  program.

Using Office 365 Is A Breeze

Using Office 365 Is A Breeze

The first thing you will notice right off the bat with Microsoft Office 365 is how modern and streamlined the program looks. In my opinion, it has a more minimalistic approach, which I really like. You will probably see that it is Windows 8 friendly and using Office 365 is a breeze. As with the other versions, Office 2013 as usual has Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook. When you purchase Office 2013, you can install in on up to five machines. This is brilliant and so much more economical than buying a package for each computer you have. Another cool feature is that you can control the 5 machines on one main computer, which is awfully convenient. If you are working on a document on your laptop and need to leave, you can pick up where you left off on your tablet or other device! If you choose not to buy Office 2013, you have the option to use some features at no charge through your Windows Live account. By using your SkyDrive, you could open and edit a document or spreadsheet without the headache of downloading a program to open that specific document. Because 365 comes with triple the SkyDrive storage, you have plenty of room for all of your documents. If you have older documents you created when you still had Office 2010, you can use Office 2013 on it as well. Also, if you want to share a document with someone who does not have Office 2013 and they can see what you have done on your document or chart.

Power Point

You will notice that there are a lot more templates available in each of the programs. I love this because instead of searching the internet for a template for say a resume or a recipe, you probably have a template already in your Office 2013 software. Another cool feature that I find useful since my eyesight began to decline is the zoom feature for the documents. Let’s say you are doing a spreadsheet for your home budget and you wanted to make a pie-chart for your expenses. If you wanted to get a closer look at the chart or one section of it, you can zoom in on it with a click of your mouse. With Excel, you can open spreadsheets on more than one monitor which is great, especially in an office environment. The charts and graphs are very easy to create and they look so awesome. With PowerPoint, the same zoom feature in Word can be used with this program as well. Again, this is really great in an office where you may be presenting to a group and you want to zero in one something specific in the presentation, like a chart or image. has also made it easier to drag and drop images into your document. The Office 365 For my home office, I have used Word for most of my work, but my daughter uses PowerPoint a lot. She said she really loved the new templates and felt it was more user friendly. I absolutely love my Office 2013 and if you are considering buying it, I think you would be making an excellent choice!


  1. I have always worked in an office type of environment too. I have been using the Office products since I was a teen. I haven’t had a chance to try out Office 365 but I plan too!

  2. I really need to update my recent program so this looks like a good choice. I love all the choices you have in powerpoint!!

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