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In my valiant effort to go green, I have been trying to branch out in my campaign. I recycle, use recycled products and recently bought an energy efficient washer and dryer. I must admit the kids and I have had fun since we have started on this path. The other day I went to throw away a plastic container  in the trash and they both yelled at me to use the recycle bag! One of the more recent places we have started to be more eco-friendly is the bathroom. I decided I was going to stop buying products from retail stores and turn my attention to hand made bath and skin care products. Spinster Sisters is a company that has put their heart and soul into creating all natural products for their customers. By using raw ingredients for skin care, the Spinster Sisters company gives you an alternative to chemically wrought products.

Using Raw Ingredients For Skin Care

There is something to be said about taking a bath with products that have ingredients like cocoa and shes butter along with some baking soda for that fizzy soak we should all take. One of the reasons I was looking for companies that were using raw ingredients for skin care was for my husband who is allergic to just about everything. He has extraordinarily dry skin as well as eczema, and because he shaves his head, he gets it really bad on his noggin. The day my package arrived from Spinster Sisters, my husband was home and he happened to open the box. The first thing he saw was the Body Butter ($8.25) which is made in small batches to ensure it is fresh. It has such lusciously hydrating ingredients like sweet almond and avocado oils, and shea butter, your skin has never been treated so well. Chris put it on his head and he said he could actually feel his skin becoming softer from the deep moisturizing.
Using Raw Ingredients For Skincare

I was also sent the lip balm, bath bomb, muscle rub, and hand made soap. I love the Muscle Stuff  ($18.00) rub because I have tendonitis in my shoulder and by the end of the day, it is killing me. The rub is made form camphor, arnica oil and cayenne pepper, which has been shown to help relieve the aches, pains and swelling caused by arthritis. It has really helped loosen the joints and muscles in my shoulder, especially at night. I also love the lip balm ($4.00) , which is made with beeswax, honey and sweet almond and coconut oils. My lips get really dry, especially at night, and I love how hydrated my lips feel after I use it. I love the bath bombs and the soap because the smell great and my skin feels so smooth and clean. Now I can say “I bathe with Sisters!”

Spinster Sisters has it’s humble beginnings in 1994, when 2 sisters decided to make their own hand made, all natural skincare products. After selling at local craft shows for a bit, one sister  left to pursue other things and the other stayed.  After marrying, Kelly decided that making these amazing products was her passion. Kelly’s focus was to find natural alternatives to problems she saw that needed a better solution. She gives an example on her website about the empty aerosol shaving cream cans that are left when they are empty. She saw that instead of leaving behind more trash for our landfills, she would create her solid shaving bar that works great and leaves no waste behind. Brilliant!    You can read more about Kelly’s journey and purchase your Spinster Sisters products online from their website.

One USA reader will win a tin of the Muscle Stuff ($18.00)


  1. I’d love to try to some of their soaps to decide. Honeysuckle, Lime Mint, Lilac, Peppermint or Red Raspberry could turn out to be my favorite.

  2. I’d like to try the Dirty Dawgy Pet Soap; my golden has very sensitive skin so I try to avoid anything that’s not natural.

  3. I would choose this product: Because I’m not a butter balm kinda person, but I worry that this would end up sticky and catch everything around me, except the bugs I hope.

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  5. Aint No Bugs on Me Body Butter. Thanks for this great giveaway! We have plenty of bugs in SC!

  6. I would love to try the body butter and the muscle stuff on my boyfriend.. long days of standing being a surgeon makes his back really sore 🙂

  7. I think my favorite products would be the bath soaps, especially the island coconut and the vanilla.

  8. I also like the lip balm $4 (see, I really did go to the page) 🙂

    also, @Spinsisco doesn’t seem to be a valid twitter account, so I dont’ feel right claiming those entries.

  9. I would love the lip balm. Can’t find one that doesn’t dry out my lips instead of helping.

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