ArtSee Studio for Ipad

With two young and inquisitive boys at home, I am finding myself using the iPad as a teaching tool.  With so many apps available, I can work with the boys on learning their ABC’s, colors, and numbers and all the other building blocks for their future learning success.  I have found that in order to hold their attention for more than a few minutes, I need to use the iPad in a way that will keep them invested.  The one area I found was lacking for my needs was a completely interactive way the boys and I could play and learn.  While at CES, I was introduced to a new and soon to be very popular toy for children in the 3 and up age group. Like ArtSee to learn more!

Using The iPad As A Teaching Tool

The ArtSee Studio is a program that allows your children to draw, paint, animate and manipulate their way to fun.  The ArtSee Studio is a protective case that surrounds your iPad and brings it to life as well.  With a variety of activities your kids will learn about colors, play games to test their memory as well as hone their fine motor skills. Once the iPad is secured in the cutting edge casing, you will download and launch the free app. From the templates, your kids can create a simple drawing and then bring it to life using the child friendly stylus and tools.  The different chunky stamps enables the characters and objects to move, make sounds, change colors and a ton of other very cool features.  The case works with your iPad 1, 2 and/or 3, and the software is designed so that you can share your child’s creations on Facebook, Twitter or via email so your friends and relatives can instantly see what your artistic genius has created for them.

Teaching with the ipad

Interactive Apps For Toddlers And Preschoolers

I have searched for and downloaded many interactive apps for toddlers and preschoolers since purchasing my iPad.  I have not found an app that held the boys attention as the ArtSee Studio ($39.99).  The colors are vibrant, the sounds are fun and the boys could not get enough of making their objects move and change.  Jakobi is into things with wheels right now, so he wanted to create a scene that had a wheels.  We decided to use the city theme from the app which let us create a winding city street that our car could travel on, add building in the background and draw some grass.  We decided to make it funny, so we added some jungle animals to roam around the city, but then Jakobi was obsessed with the bike and pretty soon we had a page full of bikes!  Each stamp has a unique function for the themes, and for this theme we used the arrow stamp to make our road winding and curvy and used another stamp to make the bikes move along it.  It was pretty neat to watch the creative process as he discovered what each of the stamps did. Then, when he reached for the correct stamp to perform the desired function, it reminded me how smart my son was! When we were done, we sent the finished work to my mother in an email.  With the ArtSee Studio, the possibilities are literally endless and as your child grows, the studio grows with them.  An older child has the option to draw, change and animate drawings they made using the pencil, paintbrush and other features.  For the money, this is a product that has a value that is more than just a monetary one.