Vegan Friendly Bath Products

Vegan Friendly Bath Products

With the help of my oldest daughter, I am trying to find organic or vegan friendly bath products.  My reason for this change is two-fold.  I am slowly working to be a green person (no…not like the Blue Man Group! Eco-Friendly silly).  Going green helps my family do our part on protecting our environment.  If my family can make small changes, it will help the environment, and the more we do, the more we  help.  Vegan products are 100% chemical and cruelty free, are made with all things from nature, (meaning no animal or synthetic materials are used).  The other reason to buy organic or vegan-free is to support our local and global free trade artisans.  I just feel like I am making a difference in the world, even if it seems small.

I found an amazing shop based in Vermont that sells vegan bath and body products.  Akshata Nayak is the founder of The Orange Owl and her mission is to provide simple and eco- friendly alternatives to products we use on a regular basis.  Moving to the US from India in 2003, she acquired her master’s degree in Biochemistry as well as Applied Clinical Nutrition.  Akshata has the right stuff for making her deliciously indulgent products.  Akshata gets her inspiration from everything around her, from the smell of coffee brewing to the scent of beautiful flowers she found when hiking.  I love that The Orange Owl has reached out to make a difference for others.  She works with The Schooling Project, who supplies aid to educate children in India.  All donations sent to The Schooling Project are paid directly to the schools for the tuition and books.  When you purchase a product from The Orange Owl, 5% of each sale goes directly to The Schooling Project.

Hand Made Body Butter and Soap

Since I have dry skin, I was more than happy to review the hand made body butter and soap from The Orange Owl.  I LOVE these products!  Not only do they smell good but they work really well!  I use the soap (retail value $6.99) in the shower and after I dry off, I use the body butter (retail value $10.99).  My skin has been transformed with these products.  You only need a small amount of the body butter to do the trick.  Use the body butter on dry heels and/or feet.  You will not believe the difference.  Although not vegan, the lip balms are made with very well sourced beeswax.  The products from The Orange Owl are made by hand with all natural ingredients and the end result is a line of great products in a variety of scents.

Thank you to The Orange Owl for offering one lucky winner two lip balms and one soap of their choice (retail value $14.49)

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