I have a mild obsession with beauty products, with a focus on nail polish! My sister is a co-conspirator in the whole nail polish acquisition and we trade colors as enthusiastically as sports teams trade players. It is funny when we compare our stash because virtually every time, we find we both have the same colors in our collection. My accumulation of bottles has gotten so big that my oldest daughter bought me a mini-suitcase for Christmas to store them in. Lately, I have been interested in using more eco-friendly beauty products. I just think by making the switch to a more planet friendly beauty routine, I am making a small contribution to making our planet a better place to live. I have been looking into vegan nail polish and I found a great company that has some gorgeous colors. LVX is a company that is dedicated to bringing their customers the finest nail lacquers without using toxins.

Vegan Nail Polish In Hot Summer Colors

Vegan Nail Polish In Hot Summer Colors

I am one of those women who feels naked if she does not have her fingers and toes polished. I did not realize this effected my family until I injured my foot and had to wear a cast for 3 months. I was not able to reach my toes, so I had my daughter take the polish off and I went about my day sans polish. Well, you would have thought I tipped the world on it’s side from the reaction I had from my husband and son. They both asked what was wrong with my feet and why was there no polish on them! That will teach me to upset the apple cart! As I am always in the market for exciting new shades of polish, I was excited to use the vegan nail polish in hot summer colors from LVX.

LVX, which is Latin for light, have made it their business to keep on top of the hottest colors coming down the runway. In doing so, they are able to bring their customers the hottest colors in the fashion world at that time. They take a lot of time and put a lot of effort into choosing the colors that go into each of their collections. For their summer grouping, they included 6 gorgeous shades that I happily added to my growing collection of polishes! I was sent:

  1. Celeste: This cool shade of blue has undertones of white, giving you a luminous color that pairs well with brighter shades like coral.
  2. Deco: This bright and beautiful coral shade is perfect for summer and is the go to shade on the runway. It pairs great with blues and greens.
  3. Modena: This bright and lively poppy red goes perfectly with the whites and neutrals in your closet. This is THE red color of the summer season.
  4. Chambord: This rich and dramatic deep raspberry is a favorite of mine and it looks amazing on. With red undertones, this deep shade is a popular color on the runway as well.
  5. Rive: This soft neutral shade brings to mind the sand of the beaches across the world. It pairs quite well with the bright colors like poppy reds.
  6. Mynt: This cool pale green fits in perfectly with the popular green tones being seen on the runway this season. This top choice is a must have for your summer color palette.

The one thing you will find with the nail polish in the LVX inventory is it is not short on gorgeous colors. What you will not find are any harmful toxins like Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, and Camphor. The creators of the lacquers fro LVX have found a way to bring you long lasting and chip resistant colors without including any dangerous chemicals. So, do yourself and the planet a favor and paint your nails in the vibrant and cool colors in the LVX summer collection. You can purchase the LVX polishes from their website for $16.00 per bottle. To stay current with LVX, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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