VeggieTales Princess and the Pop Star DVD

My daughter Isabella is 4 and VeggieTales are one of her favorite DVDs to watch.  I was given the opportunity to review the new VeggieTales Princess and the Pop Star DVD.  The story of trading places.  Princess lives on the farm and has a pretty boring life in comparison to her idol pop singer Vanna Banana.  The happen to cross each others paths at the playground and since they look almost identical to each other they decide to swap lives, Princess pretends to be Vanna and Vanna pretends to be Princess.  Boy were they in for a surprise.  Princess soon finds out that she is lonely and the glamorous life isn’t for her and the same goes for Vanna, chores and life on the farm isn’t all its cracked up to be.  The grass is NOT greener on the other side of the fence.  At the end, they realize that Gods plan for them was set into motion for a reason and that they should be themselves.

VeggieTales DVD Library

Isabella really enjoyed this DVD and the message seemed to stick with her, we have added this to her DVD library.  She said “Mommy why did they want to trade places? I would never want to do that, I would miss you.” I think the message about being yourself is so important.  I think that at a young age most children want to be someone else (or like someone else) because they think its cool or the “it” thing to do.  I am striving to teach my girls to be independent thinkers, secure in themselves and be confident.  Having them watch Christian based shows, will make the difference I think.  Most of the shows on TV are filled with garbage = bad behaviour, language and innuendos. The music, singing and dancing was fantastic.  We were all enjoying the music, even Grace my 1 yr old was bopping her head and dancing around to the beat.  The bonus features were great, the girls loved the sing a longs.  This DVD has been on repeat since it arrived!
You can purchase this DVD for $14.99.  VeggieTales also has a full line of apparel, toys and books. Check out VeggieTales on Facebook!

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