decorate for valentines day

These days it seems that new is out and vintage is in. People are repurposing, recycling, and renewing things of old. From our clothing styles to home decor nothing has been untouched. Where before we preferred things new and shiny now we like them rusty and a worn look gives it character.  While I really love this trend and participate whenever possible there are some things that are simply out of my area of expertise. Like, working with any sort of medal or using a can of spray paint (don’t ask – I can’t figure out why it’s impossible either).


Alas, sometimes I have to buy new. These Vintage Marquee Lights are like every pickers dream find. Not only are they brand new, but they’re made to look old. Each metal sign, like this Vintage Heart Marquee Light is crafted from rusty metal with artificial wear and tear.

Decorate For Valentines Day

This is an adorable sign for weddings, restaurants, photo/prop sets and even just to hang out for Valentines day. At 24″ tall and 4″ deep it can be hung up in any space, inside or out.

The Heart Marquee comes with:

  • hanging bracket on back for easy wall installation
  • new UL Approved wiring, plugs, sockets and C9 bulbs included
  • 5 spare bulbs per sign also included incase of breakage during shipping

An awesome feature of these lights is that they are able to be linked together. I think this Heart Marquee would look great linked to the Love Marquee but these aren’t the only options. Vintage Marquee Lights offer a huge selection of options like arrows, letters, symbols, states and more.  Because these  are meant to be hung up together the cord/plug sticks out only about 12″ on each side. So a small indoor extension cord is probably required. But the best way to conceal the extension cord is to tuck the excess wire behind the letter after you reach your plug.