Wondering how you can take care of your vision and help a child in need of vision care? One in four children has an undiagnosed vision problem. Right now, when you purchase an individual vision insurance plan from VSP Direct™ for as low as $17/month, a child in need receives a free eye exam and glasses, up to a retail value of $1 million. Find out more at VSPDirect.com/EyeGiveBack. Thanks to VSP for sponsoring this post.

My two boys are starting to play soccer, and it feels great to see them excited to head out for a game. The way their faces light up is inimitable. I love to sit on the sidelines, cheering on my boys. I have to admit, however, there were times early on where I lost interest in the game going on. I have vision problems and have had sub-optimal vision since middle school. If in my hurry to get out the door and to the game on time I happened to forget my corrective lenses, I had to soldier on. It’s a lot less interesting when you have trouble telling which kid is yours. These lapses happened more than once, and I was determined to find a way around.


I have no time to go back, and the likelihood that I will become less prone to forget things in the future, perhaps through some meditation practice or less gluten, seemed… low. If only I had a second pair in the vehicle, in case I forgot my first. I would love that, and as I considered it only price seemed to stand between and my solution. Individual vision insurance closes that gap or me by making those products and services affordable. I get eye exams with a low co-payment, glasses or contacts for less than twenty bucks a month, and everything is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. It sounded like exactly what I was looking for.

My time with my boys is the most precious to me, and so is anything that protects it. I see now how my vision is a big part of that time, and so is theirs. I do not want them to experience the same struggles with vision growing up that I did. Thanks to VSP Direct™, I make sure they get their recommended comprehensive eye exams on schedule. I want to remove every obstacle from learning that I can for my children.


A second set of corrective lenses solved my problem, and I found a fashionable pair tinted just right or a bright afternoon at the soccer fields. I don’t think I would have considered the second pair economically feasible without the benefits of vision insurance. The additional pair ended up costing me far less than half of full price. It’s not something I think I would have considered to buy. There are just too many other everyday concerns which might push sunglasses into the luxury category.

I think that it is important to give back to our communities. #EyeGiveBack is part of the commitment to building a better future for children in need. While in the business of helping people see, proceeds from individual plan purchases mean free eye exams and glasses to help children in need see what’s possible. It’s something I can feel good about.