Vitamin C Moisturizer

Made From Earth is introducing new products and I must say they are above expectations.  I received a moisturizer and 2 bars of soap to review which I am already very fond of and, I’ll tell you why…

Vitamin C Moisturizer

The Vitamin C Moisturizer is really a daily cream to rave about just for its texture.  Light and delightfully appealing during the summer or warm months of the year.  I live in Canada with a very high humidity index and sometimes I really welcome it because my skin doesn’t feel so dry.  Yet, humidity alone will not nourish my skin as well as a good balanced combination of added ingredients.  Vitamin C Moisturizer with its high concentration of vitamin C is designed to protect, repair and moisturize which encourages collagen production and that is what our skin is all about. Now, that is amazing!

Before proceeding, I read the directions and then the ingredients.  I was truly impressed with all the boosting ingredients Vitamin C Moisturizer contained such as:

  • MSM and Vitamin C (Boosts Collagen)
  • Evening Prime Rose Oil (great for rosescea)
  • Coconut Oil (Repairs and speeds up healing process)

Easy to read directions: Use gentle smooth circular motions over face and neck – daily for normal to dry skin and three times per week for oily skin.

Skin Care Products

Vitamin C Moisturizer was pure silk during application and yes, a little went a long way.  Not only was my skin very well nourished I noticed also that my skin responded in a very nice way with a younger looking glow without all that shine… My skin feels soft and much more vibrant.  I feel very confident that my skin will benefit immensely from all the nutrients found in this line of skin care products.  Price: $54.99

I also received 2 soaps that are priceless.  Blood Orange and Oatmeal Spice.  I love them both since they are unique thus giving me 2 different results.

Soap: Oatmeal Soap – $6.50

I tried the Oatmeal Spice first and washed my face with it… that is a big no-no for dry skin but Oatmeal Spice came out a real winner.  My skin felt soft and so very clean all over.  The lather is amazing – the scent is not overpowering – it worked very well with my skin as it was being gently exfoliated making it a reliable daily quality wash and rinse experience.

Since the ingredients are just so awesome, I do invite people with Acne to try this soap as it helps promote fine and smooth skin.

Soap: Blood Orange – Price $4.99

It has to be the one I associate Summer with. I want to get up to shower and feel invigorated with vibrant citrus groves aromas and it works. My skin felt cleansed, soft to the touch – It must be that hint of blood orange spice, not sure but it feels great.  After, my shower, I pat dry and apply body lotion… I was surprised to see that my skin did not need as much lotion as it was used to.

Therefore to summarize my experience with Made from Earth; I was and still am convinced that the ingredients really work to normalize my pH by giving my skin the nutrients it needs to remain smooth, supple and completely moisturized.  Since less goes further, it has become more economically sensible to use Made from Earth products… plus all the benefits and advantages.

Made from Earth will reward one reader a bottle of Honey Body Lotion

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