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Get Landline Phone Features From Your Cell Phone

My kids and I were recently looking at some pictures of me when I was younger. My son pointed at a picture of me when I was about 7 talking on the phone. He asked what that thing was that I was talking on! Lol, right?! I explained it was an “old fashioned” phone and that is how they looked when I was his age. Although we have a land line phone, we do not use it as our go-to phone. We keep it for the holidays when we call a lot of family or patch my mom into a call with my oldest child.  As far as things have come with phones, especially cell phones, why I cannot get a signal in my bedroom is crazy. My house is less than 2,000 square feet, is above ground and does not have 2 foot thick metal walls. Yet, I have to step 5 feet from my bedroom and into the hallway where I will get a clear as a bell signal! If I walk back into my room, my call gets dropped! With the latest technology from VTech and their new Connect to Cell phone system, I can get the features I need in my land line phone from my cell phone. This is definitely worth any cost, but the solution was not that expensive.

Get Landline Phone Features From Your Cell Phone

Because we are a mobile device family, we have several chargers and cords for each device. Add our landline phones and their bases to that, and you have a lot going on! In order to streamline some of the devices I am using, to get landline phone features from your cell phone would be great. With the Connect to Cell from VTech, I can bypass the landline and get the features I love on my cell. When I want to have a 3-way call with my mom and my oldest, I can use the Connect To Cell. If you are a family that does not even have a landline, this is a great solution for you as well. You can get the landline perks without the actual phone.

With the Connect To Cell, you can connect up to 2 cells and store up to 200 of your cell contacts. Do you love the convenience of your cell, but prefer a handset? No problem since the Connect To Cell offers the 2 handset model and you can add up to 5 additional handsets. With the Bluetooth technology, you can answer your landline or cell with the one system. Now when the phone rings, you can have a handset in every room rather than trying to remember where you left your cell. With the VTech DS6521-2 model, you have the added benefit of  a digital answering system with up to 14 minutes of recording time. Now those dead spots and dropped call in my house are a thing of the past with the VTech Connect To Cell. You can see a complete listing of the Connect To Cell features from the VTech webpage. You can purchase the Connect to Cell two handset models DS6511-2 for $49.95 and the DS6521-2 for $59.95 from the VTech website as well as fine stores that sell home telephone equipment.

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