Wall Decor For Teen Bedrooms

My kids shared a room until they were 8 and 11. We felt they were getting a little too old to be sharing a room at that point and separated them. A lot of good it did us for the first several months as we continued to find them sleeping in one or the other’s room. Once they hit 10 and 13, they stopped hanging out in each other’s rooms and began to hang in their own rooms. Once this happened, we bought new bedroom furniture and decorated their rooms according to their tastes at the time. A few months ago, Caitlin reminded me she would be 16 soon and she was getting tired of her “little girl” room. We agreed to redecorate her room as a 16th birthday present and made a list of what we would need. We painted, got new bedding, added a bookcase and desk and got new drapes. The last thing on the list was to find affordable wall decor for teen bedrooms. After a lot of research and going back and forth, we decided on the top 5 items she wanted on her walls and here they are:

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Teen Wall Decor You Can Afford

  1. String Art: This is a very cool and inexpensive way to bring an interesting texture to the room. You use push pins to form the word and then wind different colored string around them to fill in the space. The result is a truly unique piece of art!
  2. Decoupage: Caitlin has loved using glue since she was a little girl and still does. Decoupage is a great way to use that love of glue into an art form for your bedroom walls. You can use scrapbook paper, magazine pages and other media onto canvas, wood, or other surfaces which can be hung, to make a unique piece of wall decor.
  3. Canvas Initials: Caitlin loves to have her monogram or name all over everything. It was no surprise she wanted to do so on her walls. We just bought 8 x 10 canvas, covered it in a colorful fabric and glued wooden letters we had painted. It turned out really cute.
  4. Textured Walls: If you are looking for a cheap way to bring some texture into the room, paint is the way to go. If you choose to do a texture, you can do it on 1, 2 or all 4 walls, it is totally up to you. You can buy a number of textured paint rolls or you can use a sponge or other interesting items to dip into the paint which would make a cool look.
  5. Decals: I love to use decals on walls because they are super affordable and easy to use. My favorite company and first choice for wall decals is My Wonderful Walls. I love their huge inventory, budget friendly prices and high quality products.


We have two cats and they are the light of our lives. When we were choosing the wall decor for teenage bedrooms, we wanted from My Wonderful Walls, we went with the cat wall sticker from the Dean Russo collection. I love the multi colored Ragamuffin cat graphic by the incredibly talented Brooklyn NY pop artist Dean Russo. You can see the entire collection of Dean Russo wall decals and choose the one which is right for you. The ultra cool and colorful cat design was perfect for the wall above Caitlin’s bed. We could not figure out what would look right in that spot and this repositionable wall decal was just puuurfect! This decal is 40″w x 30.1″h, which was absolutely the right size for that space.


I love wall decals because you can stick them on walls, windows, doors, cabinets, furniture or just about any flat surface in your home, office or dorm. They are made of SafeCling, which is an innovative fabric wall sticker material that goes up quickly, is repositionable, and leaves no residue. If you have a child who loves animals, but is not into the pop look of the Dean Russo Collection, My Wonderful Walls has an extensive collection of animal wall art.

My Wonderful Walls also carries wall stencils as well as the accessories you need including paint and brushes. You can find a ton of stencils including polka dots, flowers, clouds and more. If you get stuck and need help, there are resources on the website to answer your questions or give you guidance. As far as stickers go, you can find stickers for your nursery, funky floral stickers, bird and butterfly stickers and many others. You can choose from themes like monsters, dinosaurs, dogs and cats, fairies, farm and more as well. You can visit the YouTube link for My Wonderful Walls and see several videos of the different applications. Here is the video I watched to help me know how to apply Caitlin’s Dean Russo wall decal:

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Which wall decal would your child choose from My Wonderful Walls?


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