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Wall Stickers For Every Room From Adzif Sweepstakes

Wall Stickers For Every Room From Adzif Sweepstakes

Wall Stickers For Every Room

If you want to change the look of a room, you may want to look into wall stickers for every room.  I love that wall stickers or decals can change the look of a room at a very affordable price.  Not only are the stickers affordable, but they are usually easy to apply and remove.  I think one important feature of using wall stickers is that they are easily removed and or moved.  I have had wall decals that claimed they were removable and when I tried to move them, they tore.  I was really frustrated with that as the decals were covering half a wall in the room.  I made a promise to myself that if I tried to do this again, that I would use stickers that lived up to their promise.

Adzif is a great company out of Canada that provides their customers with a wide variety of graphics that are the creation of many talented artists who work with Adzif.  I love knowing an item I am using in my home was created from an artist rather than a huge team of graphic artists.  That is not to say I have issue with graphic artsists as my oldest daughter is one, but there seems to be a more personal touch when the work of a particular artist is used.  The typically monochromatic colored vinyl is cut into specific shapes or designs that are very easy to apply.  By using a transparent transfer tape that is removed after the sticker is applied, the process is so much easier than most.  Once an artist creates a design or pattern, it is then printed on white vinyl and cut, which allows the stickers to be processed into many different colors.  You can learn more about Adzif by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Wall Decal Stickers

I love nature and flowers, so I decided I would choose floral wall decal stickers.  I had a wall in my kitchen that was blank, so it was a perfect place to put a large decal on.  I choose the Coastline Blossoms in organic ($48.00) that were designed by Anne Cashens.  Anne studied fine arts which enabled her to work in the areas of interior design, packaging and graphic designs.  Anne loves to capture the beauty of the organics in the world and she does so beautifully.  The Coastline Blossoms are a myriad of branches and blossoms that seem to be blown across your wall from a cool spring breeze.  The first thing you notice when you order a piece from Adzif is the sturdy plastic tube it is shipped in to protect it from being damaged in transport.  The instructions are easy to follow and well thought out.  The instructions suggest you cut the pattern into smaller pieces to make applying it easier.  Once you cut your design down, you can then decide how to lay the design out on your surface.  After rubbing the decal onto the wall, the plastic backing comes off easily.  The whole process took about 15 minutes and as you can see, it is easy enough for a child to use.  I did have the occasion to need to remove the decal and move it over and it came off easily and went back up just as easily.  I really love how the decal added so much beauty and color into my kitchen!

One reader will receive THREE different designs from Adzif.  They are: Ludo tells a story ($48.00), Minna ($28.00) and Petals in the wind ($48.00) for a total value of $124.00.

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