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Ways to Feel Good About Yourself #FeelGooder

What makes you feel good? Perhaps you are a yogi and yoga helps you get through the week. Maybe being out on the water does it for you. For me, I like going to work. Yes, I am fully aware of how crazy that actually sounds. Being a working mom is not an easy lifestyle! My mornings are typically spent rushing to get ready for work, get my two little ones ready for daycare and rushing to start my day at the office. While my days at the office are hectic, they are also a reminder that I will get to go home that night and run it off. I never thought I’d utter those words, “run it off.” Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a runner. Actually, I have had the same pair of running shoes for almost ten years. And they still look brand new! But, I needed to find a release and running it was. Most of the time it is actually just a really fast walk. Either way, I am out of the house and in the zone for at least twenty minutes. I throw on my headphones and forget about the day for just a little while. Running is just one way that you might choose in order to feel good about yourself. Of course there are many other ways, including ways that don’t require you to break a sweat!

5 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself

  1. Start an Exercise Plan: Exercise helps our body to create natural feel good juice, or endorphins. These endorphins help to increase our mood and help us to handle stress. Ever hear the term “runner’s high?” It’s a real thing!
  2. Work on Your Confidence: We spend too much time focusing on the negatives about ourselves. We have a few pounds to lose or wrinkles are beginning to appear. It’s time to embrace these changes. We earned those wrinkles and your children are a great reason to be ten pounds heavier than you were a few years ago!
  3. Be Thankful: There are so many reasons for you to be thankful about things happening in your life. For starters, you got to wake up this morning. You are on the right side of the grass!
  4. Work on Your Attitude: Negativity breeds negativity. In order to truly change your attitude, you have to change your thought process. Stop focusing on the negative, no more gossiping and stop interacting with those who have negative attitudes. You will be amazed at how great you feel when you cut out the negative baggage!
  5. Expect Bad Days: Not every day can be sunshine, rainbows and glitter. Bad days happen. They are a normal and natural part of our lives. What matters the most is how you handle a bad day. Do you rise above it all and stay positive or do you wallow in self-doubt and pity? I know which one works for me!

Starting an exercise plan was the way for me to get the ball rolling on my list of ways to feel good about yourself. Running has given me a new found energy. I am going to sleep at a reasonable hour, finding myself eating healthier meals and waking up in a good mood and well rested.

I also wake up starving, which is a great sign that my metabolism has finally kicked in. Woohoo! Since I do work out of the home in an office setting, it becomes a little bit tedious for me to make breakfast for myself each morning. Instead, I try to have plenty of healthy options at work. My latest craze have been ZonePerfect® Perfectly Simple bars.

They are easy to store in my desk, plus they actually make me feel good about myself! They are loaded with with protein and are low calorie, to keep me fuller, longer. 
They also have 200 calories or less, plus they are gluten free. I know that they will give me a great energy boost without the crash, that will get me through to the lunch hour. If you are looking to stock up on your desk stash, you can head over to the campaign landing page and download $1.00 off coupon for ZonePerfect® Perfectly Simple nut bars!

In what ways do you feel good about yourself?

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