Ways To Make You Feel SexierIf you are looking for ways to make you feel sexier, you are in good company!  It seems when Valentine’s Day ads start hitting the media, all I see are a bunch of beautiful, young and skinny models talking about feeling sexy.  How about the rest of us who are not a skinny model?  What are we supposed to do to feel sexy?  I guess these are the age old questions that we House Fraus continue to ask!  I did a little research and some self-reflection and here is what I came up with:

Ways To Make You Feel Sexier

  • Be Confident: The very first step in feeling sexy is to be confident.  What I found interesting is that I can be confident without changing a thing about myself!  We need to give ourselves a break and feel good in our own skin, before we can expect others to find us sexy.
  • Scent Of A Woman: Did you know women have a scent that unbeknownst to them is sexy to men?  I know!  Who knew!!  If you don’t want to trust that you do have a naturally intoxicating scent, wear perfume you find sexy.
  • Accentuate The Positive: What is your best asset or feature?  Is it your eyes, lips or maybe your curvy hourglass figure?  Whatever the area, you should pay homage to it and go forward with assertiveness.  I love my grey-blue eyes, so I researched how I could bring them out in their best light and now do my makeup to highlight them and make them pop.
  • Be Healthy: Don’t confuse being healthy with being thin because they are very different.  When you are eating healthy, you feel healthy, which leads to boosting your confidence.  If you were to exercise 30 minutes a day, you can boost your metabolism as well!
  • Dress Sexy: Now I am going to tell you something that will change your life!  Ok..maybe not change it, but possibly make you ponder this at any rate.  When you feel confident, you begin to feel sexy.  If you feel a little sexy, you might put on some sexy undies, which will boost your self-esteem a bit more.  I am more on the modest side, so I don’t go for the see through undies and such, but I do love beautiful underclothes.  I recently found Full Beauty, a company that makes really pretty lingerie, sleep and swimwear for plus size women like me.  Not only are the products beautiful, but they were surprisingly affordable as well.

Underwear For Plus Size Women

Underwear For Plus Size Women

For a long time, I was afraid to look for, let alone wear nice underwear for plus size women.  I was embarrassed about my body and felt wearing pretty underclothing was a waste of time.  That is, until my husband said something life-changing; he married me this size, so why would he not think I was beautiful and sexy just as I am!  Wow, right!  So, I decided to get a few pretty bras and start dressing for myself as well as for my husband.  I received two bras from Full Beauty that are really gorgeous, fit well and play up my assets.  I chose the Soft Cup Camisole in white ($22.99) and the Magic Lift Bra in pink ($29.99).  These bras are incredibly well-made and comfortable as well.  What I love about the camisole bra is that I can wear it with a lower cut top and it looks like I am wearing a cami instead of a bra!  With the Magic Lift bra, it sure does that!  This is one of the few bras I have owned that I felt gave me a more natural looking lift without looking like I had missile boobies!  Full Beauty was started in 2011 to give women a choice in underclothes that they may not have been given before.  When you have a full figure, it is not always easy to find bras and panties that are pretty as they usually look more like armor or something!  With an extremely focused and talented staff of designers, the Full Beauty line has been created with the full figured woman in mind.  Thankfully, the folks at Full Beauty realized that women like myself weren’t satisfied with wearing boring white underwear that looked like it came out of the 1950’s or something!  If you are built like I am, you will be very excited to see the full line of bras, panties, sleepwear and swimwear available at Full Beauty.

One reader will win one Soft Cup Camisole ($22.99) and the Magic Lift Bra ($29.99), in their choice of color and size, depending on availability.


  1. Comfort Choice Bra, 3 Pack soft cup by Comfort Choice I can not wear underwire due to a scar and finding nice wireless bras is very difficult mostly in plus size. So I like all of their wire less but really like this one.

  2. Being a well endowed plus size lady, Magic Lift and I have had a long and very successful relationship. But I’ve never ordered a pink one. It is a lovely piece and I would really like to win one! Thanx for the chance.

  3. I like the: Anita Active® medium control sports bra high level intensity. I am running and require some control without the underwire.

  4. I was very excited to learn about the cami bra!! That would be my favorite product I am sure! I was also excited to find their sleepwear and lingerie section. Thank you for sharing this company!

  5. I absolutely love the . It’s beautiful…. I also really like the stretch lace chemise…they have some lovely products. Thank you

  6. The link would not let me go to that site-I got a “We’re sorry” message. However, I do like the pink bra in your picture.

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