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Ways To Spend Your Evenings When Traveling Around California

California is always a great state to visit. It has beautiful beaches, great cities to explore and plenty of things to do day and night. In this article, however, we’re going to take a closer look at great ways to spend your evenings when traveling around California, especially if you happen to be in Los Angeles or one of the other beautiful cities across the state.

  • Great Evening Views in Los Angeles: As mentioned before, Los Angeles is a great place to be at night. The evening scene in this city is lively and vibrant, filled with great places, amazing night clubs and even beautiful sceneries to enjoy. For some great views, there are a few spots in Los Angeles you can visit. The Griffith Observatory is a good place to start. The place closes at 10 pm, but you can visit the observatory before sunset and enjoy the spectacular view from the front of the building. You don’t even have to enter the observatory; take a walk down its parking lot and you will be able to see just how beautiful Los Angeles can be. Another iconic place in Los Angeles is the Yamashiro Restaurant. This is the restaurant to be when you want to have a tasty dinner with the gorgeous view of Los Angeles accompanying you through the evening. The restaurant is situated just above the Hollywood Boulevard, so you can imagine how spectacular the view from this place can be.
  • Excitements in San Jose: San Jose is another great city to visit as you travel around California. It is a very culturally diverse city, so there are a lot of entertainment options and night time activities to enjoy. ComedySportz is definitely among the must-visit places. It is a comedy club where open mic sessions and comedy shows are available almost all the time. The place opens until 3am and offers entertainment for everyone. You should also check out the San Jose Event Center Arena. It is where a lot of great shows are performed, including some of the best concerts in the area. If you time your visit correctly and pick up tickets before your trip to the city, you can catch great names such as the 1975 and Brand New playing at the San Jose Event Center. Britannia Arms of Almaden offers a different take on the night scene in San Jose. Visited mostly by Brits and foreigners, the sports bar offers live sports and a great atmosphere. You can also have pints of tasty beer and some light bites while you’re here. When there’s a live sporting event, the place turns into a very lively place where sport fans gather.
  • A Memorable Time in San Diego: Our next destination is San Diego. This is a place filled with memorable spots and great architecture. The city’s beauty turns even more appealing at night, with city lights and great signs making the entire place look like one big party. There is no shortage of things to do either. San Diego’s local breweries offer great beers all night long. Among the best spots to visit for some beer are the Coronado Brewing Company and Monkey Paw. You should also try San Diego’s famous Pizza Port while you’re in the city. The Beachcomber is another great place to visit. The spot is situated right at the beach, which means you will be able to sit back and enjoy a glass of drink while watching the waves come and go. If you’re lucky and the sky is clear, you can also see the stars dancing in the sky to the live music playing at the corner of the bar. Lastly, take a trip to Prohibition. This is a very unique place to visit at night; it is certainly one you must visit at least once whenever you’re in San Diego. The name of the place says it all. You enter into Prohibition through a secret door. Inside, you will find good food, great beer and live music to keep you entertained until near dusk.

You can end your night in San Diego with a cup of coffee at Lestat’s Coffee House. The coffee shop is open 24/7 and serves everything from light snacks to various blends of coffee. As you can see, California can be very exciting at night. All you have to do is be in the right city and you will have plenty of things to do in the evening. Don’t forget to plan ahead and catch festivals, concerts and shows as you explore different parts of California too.

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