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I have always been a jewelry freak and especially love pieces that either tell a story or there is something unique about it. I think your accessories tell as much about you as your clothing and they are just as important. I love wearing jewelry that gets a conversation started with my friends or better yet, with strangers! What a great way to meet a new friend is to get them talking about an interesting piece of jewelry you are wearing. Another favorite subject in my life is buying products that are sustainable, eco-friendly and are ethically sourced and or made. What a delight it was for me to find Arova Studios, a company that combines two of my favorite things! Owned by Megan Milar, Arova Studio carries accessories and beautiful and ethical jewelry that you will love!
Wear Beautiful And Ethical Jewelry

Wear Beautiful And Ethical Jewelry

When Megan, her husband and four children moved from their Cincinnati home in 2009 to India, she got a rich experience she will never forget. With her, she brought back to the US, the idea for her company, Arova Studios in 2012. Megan fell in love with the gorgeous artisan jewelry she found in the open air markets and knew she had to translate that look back home. With a background in marketing, retail and consumer research with companies like Proctor & Gamble, Megan started her own marketing firm. This gave her a great background for her new company.

While in India, Megan volunteered for the DIR, (Developing Indigenous Resources), which is a non-profit organization that helps people make changes for the better in their lives. Now Megan gives back 1% of her sales to the DIR organization, which she gleaned such valuable information and insight into the important things in life. This is where she was able to appreciate the idea of seeing her customer wear beautiful and ethical jewelry. I was given the absolutely amazing Noeta necklace and matching earrings. This chunky set is handmade in India and includes bone beads, cotton string and a knotted closure. It is lightweight but packs a punch of a statement when you wear it. Believe me when I tell you, this beautiful set is going to get people talking. You can purchase your jewelry and accessories from Arova Studio from their e-storefront, including the Noeta necklace ($42.00) and earrings ($12.00)

One USA reader will win the Sonia necklace ($38.00) and matching earrings ($12.00) as seen in the 2nd photo above.


  1. I love the Sonia necklace and earrings, but I don’t know why the question asks about a shirt!?!

  2. I didn’t see any shirts in your store but I did see some beautiful jewelry and accessories, like the Bollo necklaces. Thanks for doing such a nice contest!

  3. I really like the Esquel Glass Necklace because I can wear it with many of my outfits. Very Pretty and eye-catching. thank you

  4. I didn’t see any shirts on the website so I browsed the glass jewelry. I like the Chaco Blue Glass Earrings.

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  6. If I win, I would actually have to get a set which would be the Sleena Bangle Bracelet and the Shingled Moon Necklace! They are gorgeous! 🙂

  7. I am a bit confused as there are no shirts on the site. I do like the Cumbre Glass Necklace though.

  8. Wow – tough choice! I love the Padma necklace, but the Kassa seat belt bag is so cool!

  9. I love the Nida Hoop Earrings – Green & Orange. Thanks for the chance to win!
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