Wear Your Personality

Wear Your Personality

Are you an extravert who would wear your personality?   I am sure there are a few people out there who would rather keep their personality to themselves (you k now who you are!).  Apparently putting who you are on a shirt is a new fashion statement that is catching on quickly.  Also gaining ground is giving your favorite charity a shout out on your shirt.  Wearing a statement on your shirt has been around forever.  We have showed off our favorite band, the 5-K run we recently completed for our favorite charity (OK, I didn’t but my daughter did!!)  or our beloved sports team.  Two ingenious ladies have developed a great spin on an old tradition.

Marlee and Amy met at Clemson University in 1986 while in the transfer student line.  Marlee went on to become a school guidance counselor and Amy a special education teacher.  While having a few glasses of vino one evening, the two came up with a great concept.  Amy had always had a penchant for twisting or creating new words and she made a funny comment about the state of the economy.  From there the “what’s your ista” idea snowballed into a unique business venture for the two friends.  From there, the two women pondered the idea of turning their play on words into a fantastic business idea.  In order to give back, Marlee and Amy are open to suggestions for your favorite charity.  If they are able to accommodate the request, a portion of the profits will be donated to that cause.  I LOVE that!! Oh..and shipping is always FREE!!!

Find Your Inner Self

When you browse through the What’s Your ista catalog, chances are you will find your inner self, maybe multiple ista’s (Does that mean you have multiple personalities?!).  These ladies really thought of every possible ista to fit just about every hobby, passion, sport or charitable cause.  As I read all the ista’s, I began to picture people I knew that fit each one.  The cat-ista would be perfect for my two sisters who share their house with 6 cats.  My daughter would wear the camp-ista, since sleeping outdoors is apparently fun to some people!  For myself, I knew immediately what my ista would be.  Several years ago I worked in a café that served a great variety of wines.  Ever since then, I have loved learning about and trying new wines, so the wine-ista (retailing at $24.99) was perfect for me. Take a look at the What’s Your ista and find yours!!

One winner will receive a What’s your ista of their choice (if in stock), which retails for $24.99

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